Canon EOS 7D news and problems?

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A couple of tidbits this morning about the Canon EOS 7D. It appears there may be a firmware release already and some users are reporting pattern noise at low ISOs. Of course, you should take some of these issues with a grain of salt until more units are out in the field. I don't think there are any major problems reported yet.

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Pattern Noise?

This thread over on has some very interesting (and way over my head) discussion about a possible pattern noise issue with the Canon EOS 7D. There's also discussion and examples on this post by Martin at MarvelsFilm. Now, just to post the other side of the issue, this post on dpreview forums seems to indicate that the 7d is better than most. And this post also discusses similar issues with the 5D2.

Stuck frames like on the 5D2?

in this post (also on MarvelsFilm), there is discussion of dropped frames (which we see on the 5D2 when in auto):
“The camera drops frames. Period. You already see it during filming; the picture hampers, stutters sometimes. I thought this was due to processing speed of the display, trying to keep up with the datastream in a low-priority mode of some kind. But, alas, once viewed and eventually rendered in FCP the problem is still there. Just a frame here and there. If it wasn’t for the HD, you’d think it comes straight out of a telephone camera.”

7D Buyer's Guide

It is also mentioned in this post on cinema5d

New firmware? is reporting that some new owners (ha – aren't they all new owners? camera's only been out a week or two) are reporting their cameras have firmware version 1.0.9 where others report the first version shipped was 1.0.7. I haven't found a download site yet, but some reports indicate that the camera shops can get it.

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  2. In regards to dropped frames:

    The issue is using too fast of a card that does not currently meet the specs required by this firmware (1.0.7 and 1.0.8, I cannot speculate higher as I haven’t tested it). I used a Sandisk IV as well and got dropped frames, I then used a slower 133x card as suggested by the specs

    Per Canon “Recording Media
    CF Card Type I and II, UDMA-compliant CF cards, via external media (USB v.2.0 hard drive, via optional Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E5A)”

    When I used the type II cards (133X) , I never got another dropped frame after that. Its clear it was the cards, as I then again popped in the IV card and it dropped frames. Then went back to the II and again everything was great.

    Hope this helps you.

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  4. I have had my 7D for 10 days and it locks up regularly under all kinds of different circustances. I read one other thread where someone else had the same issue. The only way to fix it is to turn off, pull the battery out, re-insert, and turn on. This works almost everytime until it locks up again, of course. I will be calling B&H in the morning, then Canon.

  5. I am also experiencing shut down of the 7D. I get error msgs in the display and cannot shut down the camera with the on-off switch but have to pull the battery.

    Pulling the battery is only a temp fix because this phenomenon is happening repeatedly and I’ve only had the camera a few days.

    All firmware is up to date.

    Are there only two of us having this problem?

    1. I had this problem with mine (Canon 7D) that I bought the 2nd. of December at a local Camera store. There was a canon rep, there that called tech. support. He called the highest level of support available to him; he had to use his employee id. “They had not seen this problem” at this time, they said. I can tell you that it is not the battery or the backup battery causing the problem, he checked these. It happens when the “Auto Power off” turns the camera off, it is set to “1 minute” by default. When you press the shutter button (or any button that normally wakes it) you get a faint flashing battery indicator in the top LCD display and the camera will not restart until you pull the battery and wait for a minute or so and re install battery. The Canon rep. wanted to send it in and expedite the repair but I was leaving to Australia for two weeks and I decided to live with the problem by turning off the “Auto Power” off in the camera menu and have to remember to shut off the power switch manually. This is not ideal but it did get me through the trip. The camera is amazing in every other way and notably better in quality than the 50D I have as backup. I hate to send it in to Canon repair center for two reasons, 1. I don’t like being without it for who knows how long and 2. They will probably have to disassemble my new camera and have heard mixed information on Canon repair facilities. Hope what I have wrote helps somebody in their decisions about this problem with the Canon 7D. 12/28/09.

  6. I have a 7d that I have shot about 4000 images with I had to get the shadow update and also send it into canon as my 100-400 lens wouldn’t focus right They fixed the update and focus problem..

    Now I have a problem with the Auto ISO

    It keeps setting to fast of a shutter speed like 1/650 second and sets the aperture at 7 or 8 instead of the 5.6 and then sets the ISO at 3200 if I set the ISO to 200 it uses the f.56 and adjusts the shutter speed to get the correct exposure, something like 1/60

    anyone out there having problems in program mode with the wrong aperture, too high shutter speed and ridiculous High ISO

    other than these problems the camera is great

  7. hey!…i got my 7D and is giving me some problems, the sistem blocks, is super scary, i canot change the setting with the front dial, and worst of all…the red reduction light turns on when i change lenses…and the poblems just keep going…

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