Misc Canon EOS 7D news – engineered shutter sound?

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A few more tidbits from around the newsroom (no, we don't really have a news room unless you consider my little office one-ha!)…

According to CNet, the Canon engineers were specificially working on the shutter sound for the Canon EOS 7D. “The autofocus module felt snappy in our short experience with the camera, but what really got us hooked was the sound of the shutter. Canon told us the firm actually did a survey with other photographers to find out which kind of shutter sound they prefer, and the one produced by the EOS 7D was meticulously crafted as a result.”

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Luminious Landscape has released their extensive Canon EOS 7D preview. There really is a lot to read, but here's a snippet:

“When Canon introduced video recording on the 5D MKII they excited a great many people. Amateur photographers thought it kind of cool, but industrial, broadcast and Indy video makers jumped all over it, as did some Hollywood productions. The combination of a huge sensor (in video terms) and low price, and pretty decent video quality was a winner. This is the case because when shooting video / movies, narrow depth of field is a critical component of how one tells the narrative. Camcorders, no matter how many bells and whistles they may have, still have tiny sensors, the way digicams do, and this DOF is too large for most serious production needs.

The first 5D MKII was crippled in terms of video by having only 30 FPS (not 24 or 25, which filmmakers want), but also only could shoot in fully auto mode. Earlier this year Canon pleased many by providing a firmware upgrade that allowed the 5D MKII to shoot video in manual mode, and the 7D now comes with this capability.”

So skip on over there and check out the story.

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1001 Noisy Cameras also has several stories that we're not covering so you should check them out!

UPDATE: this is a replacement video Philip provided – with instructions to download the large one if you need to see it…

Philip Bloom has released this video showing some differences between the Canon EOS 7D and the Canon EOS 5D Mark II video:

7d 5dmkII noise and rolling shutter rough test from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

This is a heavily compressed version so the noise won't show up.

Go here: www.vimeo.com/6742044
password is download

don't watch the flash vimeo version as vimeo cannot convert it. Just go there to download the the large original file if you need to see the noise test.


(Photo credit: snap from the CNet story)


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