Canon EOS 5D Mark II records scoring session of “Family Guy”

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Friend of planet5D Josh Negrin (see his IMDB Biography and previous work) sent us this cool little clip – a visit to a scoring session for a “Road To” new episode of “Family Guy” which he filmed with his Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

Josh sends us this background information:

Redrock Micro

“The actor Kevin Pollak (@kevinpollak) on “the twitter” has an online chat show that he's been doing for about 7 months now, I've personally had the great fortune to work on the show for 6 of those months. Every week, Kevin sits down with a familiar face and talks with them, in detail, about how they got started. Kevin comically states he stole his set from Charlie Rose, because it has a wood, round table and black backdrop, but the show is anything but. With no time or language constraints Kevin and his guest are truly open to talk about whatever they want, for however long they want. Usually the interviews go on for much more than and hour. Being that Kevin Pollak's Chat Show (creatively named) is a show on the web, chat room interaction and twitter questions are frequently used by Kevin to include the audience and make for an even better show experience for him, the guest, and everyone watching live. Kevin's past guests include Matthew Perry, John Hamm, Dana Carvey, Adam Corolla, Felicia Day and many more.

Recently, Kevin had Seth MacFarlane (the creator of “Family Guy”) on the show and during the interview, Seth invited Kevin to come to the Sony pictures lot for a live orchestrated, scoring session for “Family Guy.” Initially, Kevin thought it would be just him and his fiancee' Jaime Fox (no not that one, @jaime_fox on “the twitter”) going. However, when Seth confirmed with Kevin to come down, Seth mentioned to bring a camera crew. Kevin then mentioned this to me, at which point I jumped up and down (on the inside of course, because I have to at least pretend to act professional) because I knew I would get to be the one to film it. Wow, what an amazing experience this was. Being a lover of orchestrated, film score and the process of film making in general, this was truly a blessing to be a part of. The day came (the next day, after Kevin interviewed Seth), I received a text message confirmation from Kevin, and we went to the Sony lot with my 5D Mark II.

Here's the youtube video (this is actually an extended version of what we played for the show's audience the next week)

FCP Training

All of the footage was shot with the canon 28-135 IS lens, mostly at 135mm and hand held. Not ideal, but we made it work. Converted to pro res and edited in FCP. Kevin gave notes and after a few passes and some minor post, mid tone, brightening, we locked it.

Kevin Pollak's chat show can be seen live every sunday at 5 PM PDT @ past episodes are available, FREE!, on itunes, and youtube.”

Thanks Josh!

(Photo credit: snap from Kevin Pollak's website)


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  2. I gotta say, that footage looks AMAZING! They should do the whole show on that camera, lol

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  5. Nice Piece – camera looks great.
    The majority of lead lines are coming from the lead trumpet & brass section – but we’re seeing mostly strings. Reminds me of a lot of award shows during guitar solos the camera stays on the singer who’s not doing anything… always good to consider using your ears as your eyes… I’m just ‘sayin…

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