A hands on video review of the Canon EOS 7D

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DigitalRev has produced one of the first hands-on reviews of the Canon EOS 7D and posted this well done video review on youtube. They announced on twitter yesterday that they had about 50 or so in stock, so I guess they opened one.

Redrock Micro

You can watch a larger size version directly on youtube as well

7D Buyer's Guide

(Photo credit: snap from the DigitalRev video)


  1. Why LOUD crapy almost porn film music?
    Bad, bad, bad video because of the noisy music!

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  3. I thought this was a blog about the 5d we love and own? all you can talk about is another model. New models come out all the time and they can have there own blog…..ok?

  4. Jeez. I agree about the music on this review. Really a bad choice. Cheezy. I’m sure you can do better next time.

  5. Wow… yeah… that music, huh?
    I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention how bad his wardrobe choice was… but we did only see his sleeve… but still.
    And what about his voice, and the lighting… Oh, and didn’t you hate those tiles the 7D was on when they got it wet?…
    [and the sarcasm stops…]

    Okay seriously guys, how F’ing picky are you anyway?! After reading your comments I was prepared for the worst. But after watching it, I think it’s obvious that you guys really need to turn off the Hustler-Pay-Per-View for a while. Porn music… please.

    Anyway, even if I’m the only one, I’d like to thank you Mitch for posting this video. I thought that, for what it was, it was very well done. They did a nice job of showing us around the 7D in a way that made me feel like I was actually holding it myself. It’s probably the best “Hands-On” video I’ve seen for getting a good idea of what the feel of the camera will be… IF and WHEN we ever get our own hands on one… come’on Amazon.com, don’t fail me now!!!

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