7 Reasons You Must Use Pretty Link Pro on Your WordPress Blog

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Yup, it is true, I'm a Pretty Link Pro fanatic (and yes, an affiliate too – but that's not why I'm excited about it). If you're a blogger, you probably know that blogging actually takes time – shocking I know! But as you blog more and more, you look for tools to improve your user's experience on your blog as well as looking for ways to make your blogging easier. Well, for me, Pretty Link Pro is a must have!

Note: I also did an earlier post: “Bloggers – the Pretty Link plugin for WordPress will save you time” – give that a quick scan as well please.

Training guide

Ok, so I started out with 7 reasons…

  1. Link usage stats
  2. URL Shortening – with branding!
  3. Keyword replacement (simplifies building links in your posts)
  4. Bookmarklet link creation (makes creating links simple)
  5. Replaces several other wordpress plugins
  6. Pretty Bar – more branding for your site
  7. Conversion testing

Now, much of this is difficult for the beginner to understand, so I've put together a couple of videos to try to help out. When I first started looking at PLP, I thought, there's no way I'm paying for that. But then, after using the free version, I learned some of what it could do and then paid for the pro version. I'm still learning more and more each day.

Introduction (view larger size here) – The top 7 reasons I use Pretty Link Pro.

The next little movie covers links and reporting, keyword linking and the bookmarklets (the larger version):

A mini-movie about the Pretty Bar! (the larger version):

And lastly, the options and wrapup (the larger version on Smugmug)

Please visit the Pretty Link Pro site and use that same link to purchase please. I don't believe you'll regret your purchase!


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