What do you do the day after your wedding? Get your pictures taken of course!

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planet5D friends Steven and Heidi (they've been on planet5D here and here) have formed a new venture and have released a new piece they created with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

In this new video, they're doing a “day after” shoot with the bride and groom. “An example of a “day after shoot”, when the bride and groom dress again in their wedding gown and tux for an elaborate photo shoot. Free from the constraints of a wedding's location and time limitations, it allows both the photographer and couple to expand on the magic of their union.”

Keep reading further down to see their “making of” video as well!

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Steven sent us this additional info: “Heidi and Steve from Artäge Pictures quickly gained recognition for their unique ability to seamlessly weave video clips, still images and music into one final cohesive piece. In their search for a name to describe this “collage of art”, Artäge was born.

All shooting took place on June 16, 2009 in downtown Toronto. All images and stills were shot with the Canon 5D mkII, images were processed through Lightroom and the final film was created in ProShow Producer.

More images from our weddings and portraits at www.ArtagePictures.com

A “Day After” Artäge from Artäge Pictures on Vimeo.

The final work includes music, images and video, all seamlessly combined into one piece. We call this an Artäge or “Art Collage”.

PS a surprise after the credits!


The making of this Day After Artäge:

“Day After” Shoot Promo from Artäge Pictures on Vimeo.

Thank you so much Steven and Heidi – we're expecting some more great stuff and good luck on your new venture!

(Photo credit: snap from the video).

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