Yes, there are more wonderful Canon EOS 5D Mark II videos

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Even before the firmware 1.1 glory of aperture control was released, we found these Canon EOS 5D Mark II videos to share with you! Imagine what is coming after everyone feels more comfortable with the new features. Creativity is definitely flowing from the 5D2 users. And this isn't even the whole backlog of things I've been wanting to post. I've got an entire post in the works for just new wedding and engagement videos coming soon.

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We're getting lots of submissions too – if you have a video we haven't highlighted yet (and I haven't even covered all of the submissions yet!), please use the contact link to send it in.

A devoted planet5D follower Leonardo Guerchmann sent in this video:

“Hello, I am avid reader of your blog and I just think you might be interested in taking a look at a short film I directed for the 2009 NZ 48h Short film competition.
I used one Canon 5D mark 2 with a Canon 50mm lens, another older Canon 35-105mm zoom lens and a Nikon 50-100m zoom with an adaptor.
The workflow was fantastic, it was very easy to finish on time and I am very happy with the photography. I had just minor color correction, but most of the film is pretty close to what I captured on the day.

The film is available on You Tube and Vimeo. Vimeo seems to have slightly better quality, while on You Tube you can watch it in HD.


You Tube:

48 Hours 2009 – How to Avoid Charity from Leonardo Guerchmann on Vimeo.

For those of you outside of New Zealand, there are 2 Māori words used in the film:
Kia Kaha = “be strong” and Koha= “donations”.
This is our entry into this year's NZs 48h competition. We got “educational movie” and the character needed to be an exaggerator called Alex Puddle. It was mandatory to use a rock as a a prop somewhere and the line of dialogue: “It doesn't fit”.
First year in the competition for team “Stinky Murphy” even tough some team members have worked in other teams in past competitions.
Shot with the Canon 5D Mark 2 camera.

KLUGE from Northern Lights on Vimeo.

Meet Nick Sambrato. He runs a print shop in Orlando, Florida called Mama's Sauce.
Nick isn't a very smart guy. At a time in history when the print industry is pouncing from one space-age technological advancement to the next, Nick has decided to take a giant leap backwards into the industrial revolution.
Meet the Kluge letterpress. An 2,000 pound, cast iron, electric powered monstrosity of vacillating rods, giant spinning wheels and pneumatic hoses. The Kluge is Nick's weapon of choice in his battle against the future.
So why does Nick use the Kluge? A clearly outdated, cumbersome and obsolete machine? The same reason any craftsman uses any tool: for the quality of the finished product. A letterpress offers a tangible, three-dimensional look and feel to the printed image that no other technology can replicate.
Let Nick take you on a trip back in time as he runs through the process of turning an ordinary piece of paper stock into work of art.
produced by: Fiction


Samuel Petit has a couple of nice videos of Club NME Paris

Club NME Paris (eos 5D markII) from Samuel Petit on Vimeo.

Club NME Paris ≠6 from Samuel Petit on Vimeo.

Insite from Andras Horvath

“This video is a demo shot entirely with Canon's 5D MarkII DSLR camera. It is a six minute three-section video demonstration of a photoshoot and digital image composition process. The video is mainly intended to demonstrate the capabilities of the camera and to share our joy of creation through behind-the-scenes pictures.

You are able to follow our muse and model, Anna Zsiros, throughout the entire process which creatively and gradually assembles into a final image. Agi Horacsek deserves credit for greatly improving upon the original concept with her creative application of makeup. Her creativeness added a slick edge to the unquestionable beauty of our successful Hungarian female fashion model, Anna.”

iNsight from Andras Horvath on Vimeo.

From a spirited contribution by @thebackpackr on twitter comes this contest entry:

stop motion with the 5D mk ii:

Stop Motion | The Long Haul from DUMAIS on Vimeo.

Very nice tilt shift especially if you like trains!

gottardo nord from fb1 visuals on Vimeo.

Rareform sent us this one…

Putt Putt Lean Music Video from RareForm on Vimeo.

and this music video from Jeremy Cowart and the band Abandon

“I recently directed my first music video for Abandon. It was a simple performance piece video with a shoestring budget so we decided to use the Canon 5D Mark II. Overall it was a great experience and a big learning curve for me. I knew nothing about video and when I say nothing multiply that times 10. I knew nothing when I started doing photography professionally so I figured I'd go with that approach for video too. Sometimes it's cool to go into something not knowing any rules. And sometimes you just look like a fool (which I'm sure I did that day). The video was mostly shot handheld with a few tripod shots mixed in. The biggest problem was trying to keep focus while moving around in such low light with the band ALSO moving around like crazy. It was basically impossible to keep focus. But there's a few cool moments where the focus stars align. I'm definitely looking forward to doing a video with a DP who can pull focus. If anyone is curious about editing, a lady named Darla Koreiba did the editing in Avid. She did a really great job.

Overall I'm happy with the video and happy to have my first one behind me. I learned SO much and can't wait to do the 2nd one! Oh and if you haven't heard Abandon's music check it out! Really great guys. I mean we ended the video shoot with a breakdance contest. How rad is that?

Oh and be sure to watch the HD version!”

From this blog post (which includes lots of information about the video)

Table One from tannerherriott on Vimeo.

Table One is a private dining experience put on by two chefs in OKC. If I had the cash to blow on a pricey dinner ($75+/person) in OKC, this is where I'd go no questions asked.

planet5D friend highlighted this movie trailer being filmed on the 5D mk ii:

Colin hearts Kay from Conley Brothers on Vimeo.

The Conley brothers are proud to present our trailer for ‘Colin hearts Kay'. This is a micro-budget independent feature film project that is currently in production…we can't stress micro enough LOL;)
For more information about the project, and to see how to get involved, please check out
*This movie is being shot entirely on the Canon 5D Mark II digital SLR camera.
**Thank you Eazy Dolly for making an amazing and affordable dolly system…your video here on Vimeo sold us on your product!
Thanks for watching,

(Photo credit: snap from the Club NME Paris video)


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