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Many of you are still out there looking for Canon EOS 5D Mark II cameras (just where the kits are nobody knows!) and accessories as well as new versions of software and hardware. We've had our Buyer's Guide available for a while, but it was mainly highlighting just Canon EOS 5D Mark II bodies that came in stock. However, we've always planned to upgrade it to include all the other things you need for your camera and computer.

Well, we've finally done part of it. We'll be expanding it over time as we collect more items, but you can get a glimpse of our enhanced Buyer's Guide right now!


We thank everyone who has visited our Buyer's Guide and purchased something thru our links!

We've got coverage in there now for these categories:

  • Bodies and kits
  • Accessories
  • Audio
  • Books
  • DVDs and Training
  • Software
  • Underwater housings

We're planning to cover:

  • Computers (mainly macs)
  • Hard Drives (yes, you need them!)
  • CF cards
  • and more

Yes, in case you're wondering, we've stopped covering some vendors because we just weren't getting any sales thru them. I would really have loved to keep covering them, but it seems that people mostly shop thru the 3 majors.

Why have the buyer's guide?

It helps you by finding the best resources for all of these kinds of products. Many of you may not even realize that you can get training or books related to the 5D mk ii.

Just how does this help us? Well, it takes a lot of time and effort to put this blog together and tho it brings joy to my heart to have everyone visit, it also helps when we get a bit of cash to put towards the kid's college fund. We're also helping out our community by donating some of our earnings to local charities.

How do affiliate links work?

When you visit one of these vendors and purchase something, a small commission is paid to, even if it isn't the item you originally clicked on.

When you visit the store, a harmless cookie is placed on your computer that records that you visited the vendor thru planet5D. That cookie can last up to 1 month, giving us partial credit for sending you to that store – and if you purchase something, then we get the credit.

NOTE: Purchasing thru these links does not add any additional cost to your order!

Even if you don’t purchase a 5D mk ii thru us, but later you decide you need some accessories, please come back and click one of these links to take you to the vendor you choose, then search for the item you want, we’ll get the finder’s commission from those sales and that supports our efforts.

Thank you for remembering to visit these vendors on behalf of planet5D! You've helped make us the top site for Canon EOS 5D Mark II information on the planet!



  1. Great collection of links, but I think the price (or price range) or each item would be helpful to see without having to click through to each retailer. (=

    1. Author

      That would indeed be great… I’d love to have the time to write code that would go get that information and put it on this page… I sure don’t have the time to do it manually every day or so. Anyone want to write that code for me?

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