Fun music video on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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I found this one really funny and a really nice little video! It is from Brook Pifer – “Lip Dub – Don't Stop Believing by Journey” – she's also got some great photos on her site as well, you should check them out!

“No real planning went into this other than the fact that we all wanted to test out the HD video recording of the Canon 5D Mark II. Thanks to the many music makers and rock-n-rollers that participated. And Michelle, don't you stop believing…”

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Lip Dub – Don't Stop Believing by Journey from Brook Pifer on Vimeo

and this cool ‘behind the scenes' video to go with it…


Brook Pifer Behind the Lens: FMF 2009 from Brook Pifer on Vimeo.

“During FMF I had the privilege of meeting and shooting over 250 bands. Say that's an average of 4 people per band, 1000 faces. And here are the images. What a freaking amazing time we had. It felt a little like boot camp, pure adrenaline, outrageous and exhausting all at the same time.

Sometimes I had less than a minute with each person. I equate that to boot camp because it took massive amounts of energy, focus and mental stamina to make complete strangers comfortable in such a short time. They had to trust me fast enough for me to create amazing portraits. Holy crow it was a battalion of fun.

Adrenaline, well I had my very bodacious crew and A-list assistant Michelle with me keeping the traffic flowing. I can't tell you how many times I was neck deep in shooting but I knew she was taking care of all the musicians, making sure they weren't bored, carrying on stimulating conversations and supervising everything in general. Everything ran so smooth because of her and I was able to focus and connect with each person to produce the work you see here.

Outrageous, did I happen to mention that not only did I shoot people but I filmed them with the Canon 5D Mark II lip singing to Don't Stop Believing by Journey. The music video is in editing right now and I have one word, AWESOME.

Not only was I working during FMF but then I just had to go check out the bands at night. Four days with no sleep, you do the math. All in all it was so worth it. The photos, the new friends, reconnecting with old ones, good times to say the least. If you like what you see here check out my website for a larger collection of the faces from FMF.

Coming soon, the debut of the Journey video. Steve Perry, you rock!”

(Photo credit: snap from the one of the photos on Brook Pifer‘s blog)


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