Does the Canon EOS 5D Mark II do documentaries? Yup!

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We've found a couple of documentaries lately that are being filmed with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, and it is doing quite the job with some amazing results.

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The first was submitted by another planet5D fan, David Darg. It is entitled “WE DO EXIST – Somaliland's Forgotten Children” – this one will tug very hard on your emotions.

WE DO EXIST – Somaliland's Forgotten Children from David Darg on Vimeo.

In a forgotten corner of Africa, in a place that doesn't officially exist, there are a group of orphans in a desperate situation. There are children that are literally bound in chains. This film is about those children and how you can help to change their lives.

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Written, Directed, Filmed and Edited by David + Naomi Darg

Filmed on Canon 5DMk2 with FD lenses. Color tweaking with Natress.

We also found Dan Chung's series via this great post on the BJP site. This is just one of three videos Dan has done in this Oxfam series. (Dan was also one of the first to produce a video with the 5D mk ii and we have several of his videos on the video samples page on the wiki). The BJP writes:
Dan Chung, who's living and working in China on an increasingly long-term basis, just called. He's shot an HD video campaign for Oxfam on the Canon 5D Mkii, the first HD video the charity has commissioned. Publicising the effects of climate change on three women's lives, it's moving stuff in more ways than one.” Please read the whole story!

Hasina's story: climate change in Bangladesh from Oxfam GB on Vimeo.

The story of Hasina Begum, 35, a hardworking mother who is already experiencing the worst effects of climate change on Char Atra, a river island in Bangladesh.

“The flood takes place more now in comparison to before. In the past, the flood used to come later in the year, now the flood comes in earlier and faster. When it comes, the water leaves much later on. It destroys the crops, jute, everything is destroyed by the flood. Nothing stays – the trees that I plant, the seedlings that we sow. The water comes in again and destroys it all. Finished. They don't grow any more.”

Find out more and get involved:

I'm sure there are more samples, but these will give you more ideas on how you can use your 5D mk ii to help others and to produce great documentaries.

(Photo credit: snap from the David Darg video)


  1. Howdy! Writing from Jordan. I’m teaching at a film school here and we’re working on a documentary about the Bedouin life. I would love to shoot it on the 5D but am concerned about the memory card issue. suggestions?

    1. Author

      it all depends on whether you think you can deal with clips that are 12 minutes at the longest (I assume that’s what you’re asking)… with the 5D2 tho, all you have to do is to stop and instantly start again, you’ll lose about a second, but if you can time it properly, you could be ok.

      of course, you may need lots and lots of cards too 🙂

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