Does the Canon EOS 5D Mark II do ‘art’?

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Trying to process thru some of your wonderful submissions to planet5D. This morning I went back thru some of the stuff that you wonderful people have been sending in to us for review. This Canon EOS 5D Mark II movie submitted by Alicendre is very artistic and really opens your mind to the different possibilities of video with the 5D2.


Here's Alicendre's email to us:
“here is a video I've made for my girlfriend. The 5D markII was just amazing in low lights, and I'm gonna test it with the new manual control soon…

Thanks for your blog,

Quark X-nap from Alicendre on Vimeo.

J'ai filmé cette vidéo avec le Canon 5DmarkII, petit montage FCP… Cet appareil me surprend vraiment en conditions d'éclairage délicates!

I made this teaser with the 5DmarkII and FCP.
This DSLR is surprisingly good in low light, hope the 24p soon!!!

Wow… that's really nice! Thanks for the submission Alicendre.

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(Photo credit: snap from the video)


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