And now for something completely different – a ‘Holga’ Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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Giving a tip of the hat to Monty Python… “And now for something completely different” – a Canon EOS 5D Mark II with a Holga lens! It is an interesting idea to combine one of the best (and largest) sensors on the market with an inexpensive plastic lens, but that's what makes life interesting right? And so far, I've only seen stills… come on guys, what about video?

A company called HolgaMods is now shipping a Holga lens attached to a Canon lens cap for you to attach to your camera. Check their site out!

In the last week, I've found two blog posts by folks who've ordered this unique lens for the Canon EOS 5D Mark IIWade Heninger from Seattle has done it and put up a couple of images on his site… here's one (click the image to go to his post to see all of them):

He comments:

“Yes. A cheap plastic lens from China, complete with outrageous aberrations to stick on my 3K camera body. What was I thinking?
Well, I’ve owned several holgas, and they’ve always given me the wildest results. That is the point, but still, it can be alot of fun to see what comes out of the soup when developing that roll of 120 film. Well, all I’ve done is removed the middleman (i.e. the soup) and went straight to digital. No photoshop necessary. ”


And from Hawaii, Dallas Nagata has posted information on her blog as well:

“The reason it’s so blurry on the edges is because of how the sensor and lens don’t quite match up, but I think it’s kind of awesome. Photoshop-effect without the Photoshop!”

So, will you rush out and get one? If so, let's see some of your samples over in the planet5D forums!

(Photo credit: snap from the Heninger)


  1. Yep, ordered one yesterday!! Can’t wit to try it out. The second idea to cross my mind was doing a film with it; just need to come up with the right idea! Watch this space!!

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