ProLost – a ‘pro’ video test of the Canon 5D mk ii

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We've been following Stu (full name Stuart T. Maschwitz – profile on IMDB – follow 5tu on twitter) over at ProLost for a while. He's not only a special effects guy, but he's also the co-founder of The Orphanage (a visual effects studio) and creator of the Magic Bullet software (which gives video a film look). His blog has just about always got something interesting to say about the movie industry and recently, he's had several very informative posts on the Canon 5D Mark II.

Yesterday, Stu released his “camera test” of the Canon 5D Mark II that he called “Chapter 12: After the Subway“. Using a camera lent from Vincent Laforet, Stu used a group called The Stunt People to produce this 2 minute short.

(Note: To see it in HD, you’ll have to go to YouTube (and please do))

Chapter 12: After the Subway from Stu Maschwitz on Vimeo.

Stu has provided lots of additional information on the making of this video in his blog. Here's a few interesting tidbits – but you should read the whole post!

“I won’t shoot anything else at 30p, ever, unless I plan on slowing it down to 24 for a slight overcrank effect. I’ve seen entire TV commercials shot 30 for 24 though, so it could happen. I harassed the Canon reps at NAB today about 24p and manual control until they were afraid of me.”

“There are people out there enjoying some luck converting 5D Mark II footage to 24p using tools such as Twixtor and the built-in retiming in After Effects, but that only works on relatively sedate subjects (of which this short has very few), and even then, there are often nasty artifacts to contend with. Didn’t we choose this camera for image quality?”

Please take a few minutes and read the entire post – it is well worth it.

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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