Music Video filmed with Canon 5D Mark II and Panavision movie lens

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Last week, we posted about an image we found out on the net where someone had attached a Panavision movie lens to the Canon EOS 5D mk ii.Well today, we're happy to have some information directly from the owner of that lens.


Axel contacted us to let us know of his new music video that was shot with that lens:
“First off, thanks for posting about my Panavision lens adapter. Here's a link to the first video I directed with the 5D. The Band is called Cynic Guru and the song is called Secret. They're Icelandinc. The video was shot in Iceland and in NYC. We used 35 mm, 75 mm, and 150 mm Panavision Super Speed Primes. Side note: The lens in the photograph you posted is a 75 mm Super Speed prime.

The video is being aired in Iceland, UK and Georgia (the country not the US state)
Let me know if you have any questions. I'll be happy to answer them.
*Editor's note: we've set up a planet5D forum thread for questions and answers*

Cheers, Axel Gimenez”

Here's the video:

Please visit the forums and ask a ton of questions! That's what we're after — and don't forget, there's a little less than a week remaining in the contest to win a copy of the DVD “Canon 5D mk ii Made Easy” (see this post for info)

(photo credit: snap from the music video)


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  3. I have a Canon 5D, I’m gonna check out the Palnet5D forum on the camera zoom to shoot too! Anybody know a good camera stabilizer for a good price, under $100??

  4. What sort of maintenance do you guys do for these cameras? I’m interested in purchasing this camera.

    P.S. Plant5D info page doesn’t work for me. It says content encoding error on Firefox 3.

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  6. Does anyone know of an adapter for the new line of Canon EOS that will accommodate an HD Video Zoom Lens

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