Battery battery, who’s got the battery?

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The struggle to find batteries for the Canon 5D mk ii continues around the globe. Evidence? Do I need to give evidence? I think everyone knows how hard they are to find LOL.

However, over on digitalgrin forums, Helen Oster from Adorama posted this in reply to someone complaining about being on the wait list for over 3 months:

I'm sure you are all frustrated, and I'm also sure you will appreciate that we had no idea that Canon were not going to produce the batteries for this unit in a reasonable time frame. There is still no official ETA on them.
We've sold 6,500+ cameras and Canon has sent us only 100 extra batteries. We have back orders of 1,900+ batteries and in common with all other retailers, that list is growing daily. We are very aware that everyone who bought this camera is a professional or semi-pro and needs to have 2 or more batteries, with or without the battery grip.
The bottom line is that we are also at the mercy of Canon. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please do feel free to express your feelings with Canon directly, at 800-828-4040.

Helen Oster
Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador”

Good news for some of you has been that I've been able to help some of you out with real Canon batteries from here in the USA.

Another tidbit: in this thread on prophotohome, Chuck Westfall says there's good news:

3-17-2009, 09:37 AM
Re: Canon 5D MkII battery
Canon is ramping up the production of LP-E6 battery packs for the EOS 5D Mark II. New inventory is coming into the market slowly at this point, but backorders should begin to ease up over the next 6 to 8 weeks.
Chuck Westfall
Technical Advisor/Professional Products Mktg. Div.
Consumer Imaging Group/Canon U.S.A., Inc.

There's also some good info in this POTN thread about the quality of batteries and details about what/who makes them etc.

Update: here's yet another thread on (smugmug's forums) highlighting 3rd party batteries.

Third party batteries?

So, what about 3rd party batteries? Well, as we've discussed before, there are some out there, but are they working and are they worth the risk? Risk? Should you be worried that the battery might be so bad that it would damage your camera? I'm no expert on batteries but I'd hate to have my $ investment damaged by a battery (and yes, there's always a risk that a Canon battery could damage your camera as well).

I have been reading on the forums and there are plenty of comments suggesting that non-canon batteries can work in the 5D mk ii. There are also posts showing that some of the less expensive ones don't quite fit properly and need their own charger. And let's not forget that none of these inexpensive batteries have the ‘smart' features that the Canon batteries have and the camera will not record any info about these knock offs. has recently introduced a ‘smart' battery clone that they say works with the 5D mk ii! I have not ordered one nor do I intend to (well I do have a backup 5D2 battery I got from CameraLensRentals). I've yet to find anyone who's purchased and received one so I can't really tell you anything more about them.


  1. I find it incredible that Canon would release a camera that they knew ahead of time would be a big hit, and not plan for an appropriate amount of batteries! What is more incredible and irresponsible is the silence we have gotten from Canon on the topic until now. I’d like to hear directly from Canon why they were unable to provide an adequate supply of batteries for a $2700 pro camera, and what they are going to do for their loyal customers who have had to live with only one battery for 4 months+. This is not how companies should treat their customers, particularly their professional ones.

  2. At first I was really vexed about not getting able to get at least one spare battery for the 5D MkII. When I had the original 5D I always carried multiple spares.

    But I’ve discovered that the LP-E6 lasts for a long, long time on a single charge. Today I shot for hours, about 400 frames, and the battery is still at 78% performance.

  3. Forget about third-party batteries. My experience with third-party lithium-ion batteries for my Yaesu VX-5R and Olympus E-500 has been disappointing, at best. They self-discharge more quickly, and have a significantly shorter service life.

  4. Six to eight weeks Mr. Westfall? Ahem. It’s nearly June now. If I have a battery failure I am dead in the water. This. Is. Ridiculous. Fix this.

  5. sterlingtek is the only brand of 3rd party batteries I trust, and even then, I only use them in my battery grip; never the body itself. I’ve been using them in my 40D since I got it and they work much better than the canon ones, and they cost me around $12 each.

    they have been working on a real replacement for the canon LP-E6 since it came out, but they still don’t have them ready. I just spoke with them on the phone and they said that while they are expecting to have them soon, they don’t want to give any estimates because they don’t want to rush them out if they’re not ready.

  6. I’d love to see an update to this post… or i guess since this post is really about finding the Cannon batteries, I’d love to see something about the 3rd party batteries. Are there any out there that are half decent?

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