A vertical wedding video

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And now for something completely different – a “vertical” wedding video!

Now, i'll admit the first time i started watching the video i thought, “ok, it is good, it is done with the 5D mk ii so it is cool” but i didn't even notice how many of the video shots were vertical! Now, I'm looking at it in a whole new light. Very interesting technique.

The author (Yervant) admits that the technique needs some work, it isn't the most perfect wedding video, but it is darn unique!

“I had also wanted to experiment and make a VERTICALLY captured video, and using a wideangle lens, to capture the church or other backgrounds vertically.  Finally, my wants became a reality!! At the end of last year Canon, delivered my dream camera with HD video. The Canon EOS 5d mark II.”

“The hardest part was to show the Vertical video on a horizontal screen, many experts said it could not be done unless we turn the TV screen vertically & edit the movie with our head tilted. I challenged this and here is the first experiment, I know my video editing is not the best but hey, it worked!!”

I can't wait to see Yervant's “how to” posts (he promises that is coming soon)

I found this blog via Felipe Salum's blog (translated)

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