A few new Canon 5D mk ii videos

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Ok, these things are piling up in my queue and I've been spending too much time collecting and not enough time sharing… so here we go with some of my favorites. The list is so long, I'm gonna have to break it up… so expect a few posts like this in the next few days 🙂

Starting off – a very unique music video that I really enjoyed – even tho it is in a language I don't understand (I always wished I'd taken the time to learn a different language – I really admire those who know more than one!)… very well done!

Big Zis: Zessi from Benjamin Weiss on Vimeo.

After seeing “The Assasination of Jesse James” Zurich-based rapper Big Zis was riding back home from the cinema on the tram, when suddenly the melody for this track came into her mind. She hummed it into her mobile phone and later on showed it to her producer Marton Di Katz, who created the music you are hearing.
For me and cameraman Tobias Dengler “Zessi” was the first time that we could not only find our way working in the western genre, but also try out the Canon EOS 5D MK II. Being obsessed with the Jesse James movie as well, we had a fun time using Roger Deakins' landmark images as an inspiration, especially since we had the chance to work with a shift and tilt lens along with the Canon camera. The piece was shot in march 2009 on an alp in Val Colla, Ticino, Switzerland.
Thanks for watching….

This is a wonderful video from Juan Pons

Yellowstone Winter 2009 from Juan Pons on Vimeo.

A short video of some of the scenes and wildlife we enjoyed at my latest Yellowstone Winter Photo Workshop.

You can find out more information about the workshop at wildnaturetours.com and if interested in finding out about future workshops in Yellowstone or elsewhere contact me.

All video taken with Canon 5D mkII, using a variety of lenses including EF 500/4, EF 28-105/4, EF 70-200/4, EF 300/4.

This is the video put together by Tim Hussin, winner of the PMA 09 Student Video Contest, while in Las Vegas, N.V., during PMA 09. Hussin had two days, March 3-4, 2009, to video event, which was then featured at the PMA 09 Official Business Session, March 5.
Tim Hussin is an award-winning photographer and multimedia producer. He graduated in 2008 with a degree in Journalism from the University of Florida. He was named 2008 College Photographer of the Year and will intern at National Geographic in Fall 2009. Hussin has interned at the Monroe Evening News, Deseret News and Rocky Mountain News.

A public service announcement that is kinda fun:

Time Travel PSA from Jordan Oplinger on Vimeo.

The dangers of time travel cannot be underestimated.

This one is pretty vivid – with a bit of blood – so if you're squeamish, please skip to the next one

Aneurysm from ko*lab on Vimeo.

720p version of the first ko*lab video collaboration. Many thanks to kolaborator Jim Campbell (Someofmywork) for helping to make it happen.

Dancing In Light- Canon 5d mark II from Aharon Rothschild on Vimeo.

Shouman Shaha dances in a movie directed by Aharon Rothschild. Shot with the Canon 5d mark II

The Ghosts of New York City from Heli Soto on Vimeo.

My first HD video test using the Canon 5D Mark II. I tried working with the limitations, in some cases, using them to my advantage. It was good to establish a workflow to avoid transcoding issues.

Converted the files to XDCAM EX 720p. Used Nikkor lenses with an adapter to control aperture. Shutter speeds were determined by the camera. Edited on Final Cut Studio 2 (FCP6). In all, a great learning exercise. I hope to apply improved techniques on my next project.

Nostalgia from Edgar Maguyon on Vimeo.

(download for better quality)

compressed to 720p 11mbps

TO in 6 Words from Suresh on Vimeo.

To celebrate Toronto turning 175 on March 6, Suresh Doss and Jaime Woo created a video that captures Torontonians from all walks of life describing the city they live in. The hook? The city's citizens will be describing Toronto in just six words. Why six? It's the perfect length: long enough for people to express how they feel, but still compact enough to force them to weigh each word. Anything went as long as it genuinely reflected how one felt and fit the length.

We aimed for a true panoramic view of Toronto and spoke with art gallery owners, baristas, businesspeople, students and more. We have been overwhelmed by the participation of the people of Toronto, as they took the opportunity to think of their city in a novel way. Our hope was to have Toronto's citizens sharing ideas with one another, connecting with each other as a community.

Happy birthday, Toronto!

xanadu indoor karting from juan santacruz on Vimeo.

Video recorded at xanadu shopping center in Madrid using a 5d mkII with tilt shift lenses. Huge thanks to canon spain and xanadu

Photo credit: I made a snap from the video by Benjamin Weiss

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