A batch of 5D2 reviews

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I've been holding on to a couple of reviews so I could put them all together.

First, a Negative review:

Initial impression of the new Canon 5D Mark II – Disappointment
“Everyone knows I'm a Canon loyalist, and today I had the pleasure of trying out their new 5D Mark II. One word should sum up my thoughts about it as a SLR – AWESOME. One word describes my initial impression about the video mode – BIG disappointment.”

Canon EOS 5D Mark II 21.1MP Full Frame CMOS Digital SLR Camera Review

“Now the bad…
I primarily purchased the camera for its ability to shoot great looking 1080P HD video for commercial TV projects. I thought it would be a great source for “B-Roll” cutaways and inserts. The biggest single problem in the video mode is that you have no control over iris, ISO setting, or shutter speed.”

Focus numerique (translated)

THE CANON 5D MARK II REVIEW – REAL WORLD USE (Note, the image above and in the blog summary is from this article)

Steve Huff produces a very well thought out and complete review – with lots of sample images (it is 3 pages long)… an excerpt:

“When the 5D MKII was finally released and in the hands of users, some were upset, some were happy, and some were just saying “It’s a good upgrade”. I do not think I have seen anyone jump for joy with the 5DII like I saw with the original. Why is that? Probably because the original was so damn good!”

Please take time to read the whole article – it is worth it.

Canon 5D Mark II, best lenses and essential accessories from Web500.us

First Look: Canon EOS 5D Mark II a short review by DV.com (Digital Video)

More from Luminous Landscape
Canon 5D MKII Video A Stretch
By Chris Sanderson
(note, we found this article via DSLRdad.com)

“Let's be clear at the outset – the video files from the Canon 5D Mkii are very good and very useable, as has been shown by many examples posted on the web. I don't think anyone needs confirmation at this stage that the Canon 5D MkII produces very good stills and good HD video. Rather, for me the question was whether this camera could be used successfully to cover both stills and video in the field. The answer is ‘maybe…'. Know the limitations of the camera and possibly discover your own – as I did.

Certainly the camera is highly competent for stills. For video it's a bit of a stretch. A stretch both for the camera and the operator. This then is not really a review but more of a story of one person's experience with the camera on location using it as the primary capture device to record both stills and video on a trip to Antarctica in January 2009.

Sad to say, this story was truncated prematurely: the 5Dii ‘died' in the field after moisture exposure. I was not the only one to have similar moisture–related problems on our Antarctica trip. Out of 26 5Dii's on Michael's Antarctic expedition, fully 25% failed. The camera is certainly not waterproof. Canon says just that in the manual. But it would be good if it were moisture–proof or even resistant. It does not appear to be.”

Canon 5D Mark II DSLR Review (On the Gadget Pr0n show)
by: Eugene Morton on 3.23.2009 at 11:00 am

And last but not least – a Comparison made between a 4×5 negative and a digital SLR full frame Canon 5D MkII (translated)

I read it recently in the press that images from a digital SLR full frame of 24 milion pixels (Nikon D3X not to call it) support the comparison with “a good 4×5 inch. Ah? amused smile (the same newspaper had announced at the first exit Eos 1DS it was over a 6×7 cm … everyone knows that since it is very exaggerated, 11 mega pixels are at the level of x6 a 4.5 cm absolute maximum, not more!). Practicing shooting silver room for several years and also wielding digital SLR I could not miss such an assertion! Quick go to the store of Bayonne Photo Shop for the loan of an exceptional case canon 21 mega pixels and an optical and we are left for shooting interesting how the same image with a 4×5 room (with a 135mm Symmar-S, loaded with color negative film Fuji 160 S) and Eos 5D MkII (with zoom 24-105 f4 L). I tried to choose a topic quite contrasting (landscape under a winter sun) with a plethora of detail (the branches in winter are perfect) to highlight the differences in rendering between the two shooting modes. We compare in a first time digital files and in a second step drawings in 30×45 cm, 40×60 cm and 60×90 cm.


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