The Biggest Secret of Photography

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I read this post from Marc Silber the other day – The Biggest Secret of Photography – i thought it was good enough that all of you should read it!

Kindle 2.0 announced by Amazonpre-order now for Feb 24 release!

Buy a 5D mk ii!
Best Buy has bodies in stock! Hurry!
the Adorama site says they have some coming soon – so order now. This still appears to be the best online option. Don’t forget this blog post i made about their stock process.

In the UK, simplyElectronics has the kit back in stock

• The superb Canon EOS 5D Mark 2 5mm single lens reflex camera — but do you need it? (a review of sorts) from Photo.Blorge
• ACDSee Pro 2 RAW Update 4.0.62 – includes updates for 5D mk ii
• The experiment Canon 5D Mark II (translated from Finnish) – a mini review with lots of comments
• The 5DMk2 goes to an NBA game coverage on 1001noisyCameras
• 5Dii weather issue: THE POLL! “OK, in light of the LL article on their Antartica(sic) trip, I know a lot of us are wondering if we'll have issues with our own 5Diis and others are now even more on the fence”
• Canon 5D MKII vs. Nikon D3X Image Quality- Round 2
• Garden BirdWatch ‘09 & 5D MkII
• CaveWalker from twitter posts: @planetMitch – have some fullres samples of my 5d2 online now. made with zeiss/canon lenses

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