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In case you’re wondering, yes, all of the images in this blog are photos taken by me 🙂 They weren’t all necessarily taken with the 5D (i bought my first one back in Spring 08), but they are my handy work. You can see more stuff in my home site –

Batteries! I have a vendor that has told me that next week, he’ll have 10 batteries and that he’ll start stocking them as soon as he can. He doesn’t want to be flooded yet, so I'm withholding the name until he’s ready.

Buy a 5D mk ii! (note the BUY link at the top – updated regularly)
Adorama has both kits and bodies in stock!

In the UK, simplyElectronics has the body and kit back in stock

on twitter, Lighthaus Camera says “We have Canon 5D MarkII's in Stock call 808.955.5155” – they are in Hawaii – here is the page (Note: i have no affiliation with them – posting so people know where they can get stock)

• Canon’s 5D mk ii Master Class a “must see”
• – new forums for video DSLRs (there’s a vimeo group too)
• Comparison of 5D mk ii and Nikon D3x British Journal of Photography

• Canon 5D MkII Review – Part 1 – The Still Camera – Edmond Terakopian

• Brassolaelicattelya Orchids – hankinslawrenceimages

• @lanbui on twitter posts “A perfect example of using the Canon 5D Mark II for video blogging. @aarondieppa fashion shoot”
• “Miranda, Dad and the Fish” by
• “Fischerspooner – Emerge Live in Decadance” (Shot on a 5D MarkII) by Giorgio Constantine
• “Easymac” by Tracey Lee – parents of little kids will enjoy this one

• EOS 5D Mark II: Battery Management with the New LP-E6 Battery now that i have my second battery, i wanted to know about how to register them. Unfortunately, this post doesn’t tell you, you’ll have to dig in the manual to find out 🙂 — actually it is really easy – go to the menu for battery and with one inserted, tap the ‘info’ button and you’ll get the option to register it. They suggest making stickers so you can remember which one is which.


  1. I’m in Hawaii and they always seem to have 5D’s in stock. Try em’ out. We’ve bought at least at two of them for Hawaii Photo Rental and they have worked great.


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