Drobo or external?

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Backups? Who needs stinking backups? Why you do of course!

A couple of months ago, i bought a drobo unit and I'm very happy.

What is a drobo? Watch this video on Amazon with Cali Lewis
it is what helped me understand what a drobo was all about.

I initially bought 2 – 500gb drives in my drobo, but I'm waiting to find some 1tb disks to go in there before i add more (it holds up to 4 drives). I bought them from geeks.com via their hard drive list. The ones i bought we even ‘remanufactured’ – i figured if they’re redundant in the drobo, i don’t care if one of them fails right? If you’re going to get disks for the drobo, make sure you find SATA drives – otherwise they won’t work. I had tried some older 120gb external drives and they weren’t SATA so they weren’t recognized when i put them in the drobo.

I might be a bit beyond what most people do for backing up – i have 2 250gb external USB drives that i use to back up my main drive on my iMac. I have one of them down in the basement and the other is at a relative’s house – that way, if the house burns down, I've got at least one version off site. I’ve seen cases where people had a backup only to lose both the original and the backup due to theft or fire/flood etc. It does happen so i keep one backup off site and you should too! Oh, and I also have a TimeCapsule backing up my iMac daily.

Sure, you can used DVDs as a backup if you want, but to me, they’re too much trouble and takes way too much time and too many DVDs to back up 250gb!

So in summary, I love the so far, it has taken my worry about which external drives to buy or where to put the new files out of my worry mind. It is worth the expense to not have to worry about that any more. Yes, they’re ‘expensive’ for just a box, but since i don’t have to figure out how to build a ‘raid’ system, i just use it, it is well worth the expense to not have to worry.

Now the problem however has become… what do i do about backing up the drobo? If the house were to burn down, I don’t have a backup of the data on the drobo. Hmmm. I’m thinking about using an external service like mozy to back that up – however, i hear the initial backups can be crazy long.

I’m thinking about buying the network module so i can attach my drobo to my Apple TimeCapsule box which is in the basement. I’m not so worried about thieves breaking in and finding it in the basement.

What other backup options are out there? Services like mozy are out there in the ‘cloud’ of the Internet – meaning your data is backed up thru your Internet connection and can take a while depending on how much data you’re uploading. I also just found keepit.com (see ad) – much like mozy – it keeps unlimited size backups out there on the Internet. That can be much safer than backups stored in your home in case of burglary or fire, but they are also very slow if you need immediate access to 500 gb of data! Just something to think about.

Update: win a free drobo! (ok, adding this to my blog post puts me in the contest too


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