Available 5D2s and batteries

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Hey y’all – i know many of you are hunting and hunting for batteries for your 5D mk ii. Well i can finally announce that my friend Barry over at CameraLensRentals.com in Indiana has 50 batteries that will be arriving at his shop next week!

He also has 2 5D mk ii kits and 3 bodies in stock!

To order, go to his new order page. The Batteries are shown under “Body Accessories” on the navigation on the left side of the page.

I got my 5D mk ii body thru him and i also got my spare battery thru him as well. Everyone I have talked to raves about him so I know there’s no gouging going on.

If you are able to get a battery or a 5D2 thru Barry, please make sure he knows you came thru me and, please tell all of your photography friends of planet5D – thank you!

UPDATE: I see that B&H also shows stock available for the Batteries – I’m sure this won’t last long either. Please click this link to go directly to B&H.

UPDATE 2/26 am – B&H is out of batteries

Check the who has stock page (updated 2/26 6am)

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