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This morning, i got a very nice note from Adorama about what their site is trying to tell us about whether they have cameras in stock or not.

I had posted this on twitter the other day and that’s what started the conversation (isn’t twitter great?)
FYI 5D2 hunters – i continue to hear from people who are getting shipments from Adorama tho their site says out of stock –

It was intended as good news – meaning that you should order thru them because they’re getting stock and filling orders even when their site may say they don’t have stock. Here’s what Adorama told me (posted with permission)

With high demand items, frequent delivery and dispatch times mean that items can come in one door, be packaged, and out of another within a couple of hours, so real time inventory is often not possible.

Unless the items actually hit the shelves, our computer system generates an automatic message in response to an order, indicating that it is out of stock.

Another possible scenario, is that you could see an in-stock indication, if a shipment was expected into the warehouse within the next 24 hours – but again, the systems we have, aren't currently set up to be able to handle this (although we are currently working on it), and our computers tell you that the item is back-ordered!

Finally, even with the website inventory, it is entirely possible that we could receive several dozen orders for a popular item such as this at the same time – by telephone or via our website; If we have 29 in stock but receive 30 orders, it isn't always going to be immediately obvious that one customer is going to be disappointed.

The best thing for any customer with a query like this, is to contact me directly, with the order number, I will then be able to clarify the status of the order right away.

If you ever have any queries or concerns regarding an order or purchase from Adorama Camera or AdoramaPix, you are always very welcome to contact me directly.


Helen Oster
Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

I’m very impressed with Adorama taking the time to monitor what people are saying on Twitter! Very proactive customer service!

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