Everyone wants to know who wins the giveaways… here's a record of our winners going back many months:

Current giveaway!

You can find our current giveaway here: planet5d.com/givewaway

Benro Aero Tripod Giveaway (July 2017)

We had an awesome giveaway from Benro and I thank them for their prizes – and hopefully you thank them too. I apologize for forgetting to post this right away. I recorded the winning video but then forgot to post.

I certainly appreciate the support from Benro and the Mac Group!

You can see all the winners from the giveaways and quotes from them about winning. So here's the giveaway winner page

Benro Aero Tripods:

I found this tutorial featuring the Benro Aero 7 (one of which we gave away) from our friends over at Cinecom.net…  Check Benro's Aero site!



Chris from Rhode Island was the first to respond selecting the Benro Aero 7 and said this:

Super excited to win! I’ve been shooting with my Joby Tripod for the longest time but really needed to invest the money into a real quality tripod, now I don’t have to. Thanks Planet5D and Benro!

Calvin from Washington selected the Benro Aero 4

Huseyin from Turkey grabbed the Benro Aero 2

When I selected the winner after the giveaway closed, I recorded this video. Some have asked if I could do it live, but I don't think I should as the winner's full name and email address would be visible and I don't have permission to post those.


Tenba Roadie Giveaway (July 2017)

We had an awesome giveaway from Tenba who was giving away 3 of their brand new Tenba Roadie bags!

You can see all the winners from the giveaways and quotes from them about winning. So here's the giveaway winner page


I got a chance to see these Tenba Roadie bags at NAB and they are STRONG as well as versatile. And did you see the Sumo guy in their video? Check their site!


Tim from North Carolina was the first to respond and said this:

I am so excited to win a Tenba Roadie — I've had my fingers (and toes) crossed since entering the giveaway!

Kailyn from Ohio selected the Tenba Roadie Roller Air Case 21

Thank you so much! I am excited to use this high-quality roadie in all my travels. I know that it will last a very long time and I look forward to putting it to good use!!

Pat from NY grabbed the Roadie Roller 21

Thank you to planet5D and Tenba for holding this giveaway! Thanks too, planet5D, for helping me make some gear choices a couple of years ago while continuing to be a great place to keep up with the latest news and reviews. I look forward to making good use of the roller when traveling here in the US or overseas. Thanks again!!

When I selected the winner Sunday evening after the giveaway closed, I recorded this video. Some have asked if I could do it live, but I don't think I should as the winner's full name and email address would be visible and I don't have permission to post those.

Sekonic L-858D-U Speedmaster Light Meters Giveaway:

Our first (of hopefully many) giveaway for Sekonic. With several industry firsts, sophisticated features, and 2.7′ color touch screen, the all-new L-858D-U provides content creators with the critical exposure data they need to create stunning and beautiful imagery for still or motion. Check their site!


The first winner hasn't responded yet – looks like we're going to be selecting someone else soon – good for you all!

Ben from the USA said this:

I absolutely love planet5D! It's got all the hottest gear and great writeups about new products, it's my go to site for reading about the Canon Mark line!
The imagery on the site is stunning! Sometimes I just like looking at the images to get new ideas on how I can stay competitive in the industry.
planet5D has always been a source of timely and relevant information for me – one of my favorite industry blogs on the net.  I'm so glad I entered to win this contest as I REALLY wanted this new light meter.
I still own a Sekonic from my college days, almost 20 years ago, and it still works like new.  I'm so glad that I'll be able to add their latest feature-rich light meter to my camera bag, and I'm sure it will be an important part of my workflow on set for capturing the highest quality images.  A great big thanks to planet5D and Sekonic – I'm a big fan of both!  You both rock!

Sekonic April 2017 Winner Selection

Speedmaster L-858D-U Speedmaster Light Meter

Via B&H:

Product Highlights:

  • Incident Metering for Ambient & Flash
  • 1° Spot Metering with Viewfinder
  • Measuring Range: -5 to 22.9 EV (ISO 100)
  • Illuminance Range: 0.1 to 2,000,000 lux
  • Extensive Range of Cine & Video Settings
  • HSS Flash & Flash Duration Measurements
  • Flash Analyzing Function; Extended Range
  • 2.7″ Touchscreen LCD; All-Weather Design
  • Optional Radio Control Modules

Sekonic L-858D-U Speedmaster Light Meter Full Technical Specifications HERE.

(cover photo credit: snap from Sekonic)



Stella Pro Lighting:

Our first (of hopefully many) giveaway for Stella. They have some awesome lighting solutions for filmmakers and photographers as well as other kinds of lighting. Check their site!

The Light & Motion Stella 1000 is meant to be anywhere you want it to be. Whether it’s 100 meters underwater or 1000 meters above ground, our 1000 lumen light delivers 90 minutes of flicker-free, cinematic lighting on a full charge and is the perfect companion for HDSLRs, high-end cinema, or broadcast cameras.

Weighing in at just about .5 lb, the Stella 1000 sets a new standard for power and portability and is truly a game changer for content creators everywhere.

LEARN MORE about the Stella 1000 Action LED Lighting Kit CLICK HERE

  • Rugged, compact Single-point LED – waterproof to depth of 328 feet. Will withstand a drop from height of 3.3 feet.
  • 1000 Lumens – delivers 90 minutes of flicker-free, cinematic quality light on a single charge
  • Perfect for HDSLRs, high-end cinema or broadcast
  • Light – at just .5 lb with an integrated battery, the Stella 1000 sets a new standard for power and portability.


Diogo from the UK (see, we do pick international winners!) won and said this:

Huge thanks to planet5D for not only having these prizes but mainly for the information shared on its website. Very useful and it helps keeping up with all industry news.


Lights that can survive and are portable!

Have a look at what my fried Barry Andersson has to say about these Stella lights!

I also found this video from about a year ago about their 5000 lumens version:


RØDE June 2016 Interview Audio Kit Giveaway:

So RØDE was the sponsor of our most recent giveaway. Our thanks to them of course!


Jacqueline was the winner and will be donating it to her church!

The selection video:

Learn more about the RØDELink Click HERE .

Learn more about RØDE VideoMicro Click HERE .

Syrp June 2016 Motion Control Giveaway:

So Syrp was the sponsor of our most recent giveaway. Our thanks to them of course! This was our second giveaway for them and we're planning on several more so if you didn't win this one, be on the lookout for the next!


Sandeep selected the Genie Mini Pan Tilt Kit and said this:

I am really excited to have won this wonderful prize. I would be able to do wonders with my videos using these syrp equipment. I would like to thank planet5D for their cool stuff and offers!

Les selected the Genie Mini:

I m very excited to be selected as a winner in the June 2016 Syrup giveaway.
The prize fits in very well, as I am very much into Astro Photograhy and Astro Timelapse work along with Panorama images. I am sure I will put the item to good use and thank the sponsors for providing the prizes.

And we had a third winner who never responded to my emails so we selected another winner – Matthew was selected for the third prize – the Magic Carpet Short Track:

I'm very excited to have won this great slider track.  I've been following planet5D for years and love reading this blog. I've been entering every contest, and I'm super excited to have finally have won. I look forward to using this item to improve the production quality of my videos

I also created this video to show you the actual selection of the winners:

About Syrp Magic Carpet.
The Magic Carpet is a simple, durable slider for silky smooth professional tracking movements. The Magic Carpet is ‘Genie friendly’ and includes everything you need to quickly add full motion control. Learn more about the Syrp Magic Carpet here.


About Syrp Genie Mini.
Motion Control in your pocket! The Genie Mini is an extremely easy-to-use device to create smooth panning motion time-lapse or real-time video. Wirelessly connect to the Genie Min using the Syrp Genie App for quick setup and simple control. Learn more about the Genie Mini here.

About Syrp Pan Tilt Bracket
The Pan Tilt Bracket works alongside two Genie Minis to allow you to create 2-axis timelapse and real-time video, all controlled wirelessly from the Syrp Genie App! Its simple, portable design makes it easy to add dynamic movement to your shots. Learn more about the Pan Tilt Bracket here

Syrp pan tilt kit

Vitec Videocom – 2 Sachtler Ace M Tripods and a Lightpanels Caliber – April 2016

We were excited to be able to offer 2 Sachtler Ace M Tripods and a Lightpanels Caliber!

Learn more about Litepanels Caliber Kit Click HERE.

Learn more about Sachler Ace M Tripods Click HERE.


Jon from Canada

won a Sachtler Ace M tripod:

“I truly can't believe I won a contest, but to win something as cool and as pro level as this? Wow! I am soo excited to use this to help improve my cinematography and the filming of my music! I have been reading the articles and reviews on the site since the day I entered this contest and will continue to do so as it is great content for the indie filmmaker/videographer. Thank you so very much! I live in a small town on the east coast of Canada and quality gear is non existent here so I always have to order online and buy from afar. I just can't believe my sharing and entering won!!!!”

Reinhardt from Germany won a Sachtler Ace M tripod

Carlos from North Dakota won the Litepanels Caliber


Musicbed – 7 $100 certificates – April 2016

We were excited to be able to offer 7 Musicbed music gift certificates for $100 each!


“What could be better than launching your email app and reading another edition of the planet5D blog? I know… you are saying “Nothing is better than that!” But you are wrong, because opening it and seeing an email from planetMitch telling you you won free stuff from planet5D and a cool sponsor is even better!  Seriously though, I've been enjoying the always informative and entertaining planet5D blog newsletter and website for several years.  Winning $100 in Musicbed credit is just icing on the cake. Thanks Musicbed and planetMitch!

-Mike, Harvest, Alabama”


My name is Raymond and i am so happy to be able to tell you about how excited i am to have win this giveaway from planet5D. Its hard to put into words what this wining Musicbed giveaway on planet5D can do for a person who sometime thinks that giveaway are just put out there to get people hopes up. I can never say a off about the great things the happen on facebook. I just love planet5D for putting this giveaway and so much more out there for people to read. The more a person knows the better the world becomes. Thank You!!


I am super stoked to have won one of these Music Bed gift cards! Its really great that planet5D partners with companies like Musicbed to do neat giveaways like this. It definently builds the film and music community. As a filmmaker I have used Musicbed a number of times. It is really great that they enable Filmmakers like myself to have access to professional music and soundtracks that would normally cost a couple grand to either license or otherwise have custom scored. At the same time it enables real musicians to get their work out there and make a profit off of their tracks. planet5D is a great place to also see new gear plus the blogs help filmmakers see new perspectives on filmmaking, enabling more creativity. I think more filmmakers need to know about companies like Musicbed, so I think its great that planet5D is able to both collaborate and get these names out there!


I'm excited to win the prize and I love planet5D because it keeps me informed of updates and news from the visual world. It's fantastic


My thanks to planet5D and MusicBed for allowing me the opportunity to win! These are my go-to sites for the latest news, cameras, equipment, reviews and music and more! They provide with up-to-date information and content whenever I need it, allowing me to expand my knowledge in the photo and video industry, giving me the power to create better content. Thanks again!


I am thrilled to have won the Musicbed giveaway on planet5D! The licensing service that Musicbed offers is exactly what I need to give my current project a boost. Thanks planet5D, you're awesome!


So glad to have won the Musicbed giveaway on planet5D! As a budding audio visual creator, this is just the right impetus to steer me in the right direction. Thanks a lot..!!!”

LookLabs SpeedLooks and DSC Labs – March 2016


Hi everyone! I'm Martí, an amateur filmmaker from Barcelona, and today I realized I won the awesome Speedlooks giveaway!

I'd like to thank both planet5D and Looklabs for this giveaway, it's people like them that have helped me (and still do) to improve my low-budget films. About a year ago i bought a Panasonic Lumix GH4 after reading some postst from planet5D (and some other sites as well), watching reviews and tests, and all that kind of stuff.

For someone like me who can't afford a film school it's great to be able to have websites like planet5D that teach all kind of stuff around mirrorless and DSLR filmmaking, and now this Speedlooks pack will make it much easier for me to color grade my shots.

Thanks again and I wish the best luck to everyone who participates in any other giveaway!

And Shawn:

My name is Shawn Im an actor and a film maker I cant believe i won i usually don't win these types of things at all, That comes to show that you should enter when you have a chance to enter a giveaway. I'm literally on planet5D all the time checking out the latest news, ideas and inventions when it comes to film making they are always on their game when it comes to that. They are a big help to Indie film makers like my self. I cant wait I'm just super excited to use the give away prizes..Planet5D rocks.  Thanks.

Syrp March 2016

2-Axis - WIN

Learn more about the Genie here.

Learn more about the Genie Mini here.

Learn more about the Magic Carpet here.

Andrea P. from Italy chose the Syrp Genie and Tim D. from Germany chose the Genie Mini. A.J. from Texas USA received the Syrp Magic Carpet Slider.

Tim said:
“I am a young German filmmaker with not much experience in timelapsing – the genie mini will open a door for me! Thanks a lot!!”

BONUS SYRP Giveaways! 

Syrp has committed to doing 3 more giveaways this year – one per quarter! So keep an eye out for those announcements in June, September, and December!


Cineo MatchBox giveaway 2016-02

But who won?!

We selected 2 winners and they've both accepted the terms – so congratulations go out to Hélder and Alex!

Hélder said:“So stoked to win the amazing Cineo Matchbox! Thank you so much planet5D, i love your blog keep going on! The best blog about digital world, the dream of a filmmaker. Keep the good work! Thank You.”

Alex said: “A big “thank you” to @cineolighting and @planet5d for holding such an awesome giveaway! I'm honored to be one of the winners and excited to put my Matchbox to good use very soon.”

So make sure you keep an eye on Cineo Lighting's website – they have some great products and we sure appreciate the opportunity to give 2 away!