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Atomos Announces Shogun Production Run Completed; 50% Off CFast When You Buy a Ninja Star

You’ve read about it and lusted for it, and now the first production run of the 4K Atomos Shogun is ready. And if your dreams are only slight less ambitious, Atomos has a gift for you, too: through December 31st, you'll get 50% off their…
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Atomos Ninja Star: $295 Can Do Great Things with the Right Camera

Here’s the key to Atomos’ smallest and least expensive 1080p ProRes external recorder, the Atomos Ninja Star: you’ll love it if you love color grading or you love shooting golden hour skies – and you have a camera that can output clean HDMI in 10-bit 4:2:2.…
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Atomos Ninja 2: Well Thought-Out, Well Designed – Does It Fit Your Needs?

Sometimes, it’s the spaces between the specs that are the most informative.  In the case of the Atomos Ninja 2, a great piece of gear demands a thoughtful assessment of intent -- and the gear to which it will be connected.   The idea is…
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Atomos Ninja Star – The Pocket-size Apple ProRes Recorder and Deck

Is this a game changer? I don't really like that term but Atomos just released the new Ninja Star. This is a pocket size external recorder that records Prores files from your camera of choice. All that for less than $300. Buy now: Amazon B&H…
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Canon joins Thunderbolt initiative! Faster file transfers in our HDSLR future?

This is a developing story that will unfold over the next year or more, Intel announced late yesterday that Canon has joined the Thunderbolt technology wave... however, we have no idea yet how they're going to be using it... does it only apply to video…
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