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Learn the Secrets To Shooting And Processing Natural Light Portraits

Portrait photographer Jessica Drossin is GOOD. Her natural light portraits are amazing. Her natural light portrait tutorial reminded me that great still photography can be just as much about post-production as film.[adrotate group="6"] Yet it is both ironic (and I am grateful to her for sharing…
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pCAM – An Outstanding Use of $29.99 for Videographers & Photographers

Yes, I’m still an Apple fanboy (fanman?). Among many other things, their iTunes store continues to surprise and delight me with rich app functionality at accessible price points --apps which do what they’re supposed to do, as simply as possible, without the dreaded “functionality bloat.”[adrotate…
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What is a Cinemagraph and how to make them? Are they the next fad?

What is a Cinemagraph and why do you care? As you can see by the samples below, a Cinemagraph is a photo (actually a collection of photos) turned into a very short movie by making them into an animated gif (or in a real movie…
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4k kills the photography business? The Canon EOS 1D C shooting stills!

Does shooting 4k video kill the photography business or is it just another tool? Here, we have a guest post from Abraham Joffe showing how he shot stills with the Canon EOS 1D C - but by only shooting video and extracting the stills from…
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