Your World 60D Menus and Custom Functions – Canon EOS 60D Compact Guide


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Your World 60D Menus and Custom Functions – A Mini-Guide to the Menu Settings, Movie Mode Menu Settings, and Custom Function Settings of the Canon EOS 60D is an eBook guide for setting up the Menus, Movie Shooting Mode Menus, and Custom Function settings (C.Fn) of the Canon EOS 60D.

Quickly set up your EOS 60D with the settings that work best for you and your photography. The Canon 60D is an advanced tool, and this mini-guide explains how to set it up in order to begin to use it to its full potential.  Start to take control of your camera, the image taking process, and the photos you create.

This instant download Kindle eBook mini-guide is an excerpt from the full version of Your World 60D (you don't need to buy this if you have the original Your World 60D eBook) and contains every Menu setting and Custom Function (C.Fn) setting, with brief descriptions and recommended settings to get you started quickly, including Movie / Video mode menu settings and My Menu. It is intended for those new to digital SLR cameras as well as intermediate users, for general and travel photography use.

The Canon EOS 60D Custom Functions (C.Fn) and Menu settings are an important part of what make it such a advanced and powerful digital SLR camera. This digital guide to the 60D Menu and C.Fn settings can save you a significant amount of time and help you better understand and control your camera.

Your World 60D Menus and Custom Functions is an illustrated document that contains over 30 pages (in PDF format) of settings an information, building upon the information found in the Canon 60D manual, to help one begin to master their dSLR and learn to use the Canon EOS 60D to its full capabilities!


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