A Fashion Shooter tries 3rd 5D mk ii

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Earlier, everyone was excited because a gentleman who goes by the screen name of “A Fashion Shooter” tried two different 5D mk iis and decided he couldn’t get images that …

DXO update supports 5D mk ii focus distance

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PhotographyBlog reports: “DxO Optics Pro 5.3.3 includes multiple improvements, including automatic reading of the focusing distance for Canon 5D Mark II images.” Read the blog post for more information

5D mk ii commentary

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Just read an interesting commentary on the 5D mk ii from Paul Myers of the Brooks Institute – he called it “Inappropriate Comments About the Revolutionary Canon 5d Mark II” …

The death of still photography?

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In This Week in Photography’s (TWIP) podcast is an interesting discussion of the possibility that still photography will die… the show is entitiled “The Death of Still Photography? The future …