NAB LiveBlog – Be A Reporter!

What is the NAB LiveBlog?

A LiveBlog is instantaneous reporting from an important event – constantly refreshing automatically – usually with many people reporting.

We've collected a large team of REPORTERS and SITES – working together to bring the BEST NAB content on the planet to the masses who are craving the updates from the show!

We'd love to have you help out from NAB!

All it takes is a smartPhone or a laptop and the willingness to share what you see.

If you're curious, you can still see what we posted last year and get a feel for this year.

Note – since it is hosted on many sites, what you're seeing at this link is the planet5D version.

You can post it on your own site for FREE too!

“The NAB coverage was PHENOMENAL. It put the stories up in simple ways that I just kept on all day… I could easily peruse and find things that might be interested in, look at them in my own time, and do further research.” Jeffery

Top reasons to join the team:

  • Expose Yourself

    No, not THAT kind of exposure! The kind where your reports are in front of 100,000 people!

  • You already know how!

    You DON'T have to be a writer! We're simply looking for the same kind of stuff you'd post to Twitter or Facebook. Short texts, videos, tweets.

  • Feel Like A Pro

    You'll feel like a pro when reporting from the floor, and you'll know you're helping people around the planet.

  • Networking!

    We're forming a large team from many walks of life. Network with others and make new friends. And who knows, you might become a writer for a major publication. Plus we've set up a private Facebook group to work together and ask questions and to mingle!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, sorry.

You don't get paid to post on twitter or Facebook do you?

The big difference is that with the NAB LiveBlog, you reach 100,000+ people!

Do you have that many followers? I didn't think so 🙂

  • a smartphone/tablet with cell service or wifi (but who gets good wifi at NAB? Not me!) (you can use a laptop if you want)
  • logging into a special web page to post updates – here's the URL:
  • can send text/photos/videos to the liveblog
  • no plugins/special phone apps needed to share the live stream or to post (you make your updates from the site via a browser)
Technically, you don't have to post at all. But it would be great if you post multiple times a day.

We don't have any requirements or minimums, we just want you to have fun and share what you're seeing.

  • text of what you’re seeing, cool news, favorite booth, gear, etc.
  • photos
  • video
  • embed tweets you’ve made already
  • links to your blog posts about the NAB show
  • of course you can also share the after-party photos and stuff (but no nudie shows please!)
Very simple, just use your smartphone like you do for Twitter or Facebook. There's a video below showing you how.
  • Before NAB: join us on our Facebook group for the NAB Live Blog and ask questions and interact with others who will be reporting from the floor.
  • start posting on social media that you'll be a reporter for the NAB LiveBlog and give them this link: – this is one place they can see what is going on. There will be other sites sharing this feed too!

How do I sign up and how does it work?

Get started now! Don't put it off!