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We'd love to have you help out from the NAB Show Floor! All it takes is a smartPhone or a laptop and the willingness to share what you see.
You DON'T have to be a writer! We're simply looking for the same kind of stuff you'd post to Twitter or Facebook. Short texts, videos, tweets.

what can you share from the show?

  • text of what you’re seeing, cool news, favorite booth, gear, etc.
  • photos
  • video
  • embed tweets you’ve made already
  • links to your blog posts about the NAB show
  • of course you can also share the after-party photos and stuff (but no nudie shows please!)

what will it require?

  • a smartphone/tablet with cell service or wifi (but who gets good wifi at NAB? Not me!) (you can use a laptop if you want)
  • logging into a special web page to post updates – here's the URL:
  • can send text/photos/videos to the liveblog
  • no plugins/special phone apps needed to share the live stream or to post (you make your updates from the site via a browser)

What do I need to do to get started?

  • create a login at registration is dead simple (name, email, password)
  • send me the email address you registered (click here to send me that email) so I can invite you to join and post to the liveblog I already have set up (we all want to be on the same liveBlog!)
  • when you send that, I’ll send you instructions
  • Before NAB: join us on our Facebook group for the NAB Live Blog and ask questions and interact with others who will be reporting from the floor.
  • Reporters: start posting on social media that you'll be a reporter for planet5D and give them this link:
  • Site owners: create a special page on your site for the liveBlog feed (i can help with that if you need)
  • Site owners: of course, you’ll want to promote the heck out of your special page to your readers and social media!

Then, at NAB, all you need to do is log in to the special web page on your phone to post – it is amazingly simple

Here's the overview of registering and posting!

Facebook Group

We've created a Facebook group for working together and questions and just some fun interaction to meet more people from the industry.

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