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  • lots of content to keep reader's attention – many reporters all feeding in what they see
  • if you have reporters at NAB, they can report and post links to your news!
  • Post your NAB updates (even if you aren't at NAB) for readers from other sites to see (more traffic for you)
  • Focussed on video since all the people invited are film/video nerds/sites/fanatics
  • better than just a twitter #nabshow2016 feed as that’s wide open to everyone and is too broad
  • plus, you don’t have the burden of jamming your site with a bunch of content, if we’re all working together, we share the load and you get breaks!
  • post many times an hour or once a day, it is up to you

what’s the liveBlog look like?

here’s the NAB LiveBlog… you can see video and stills and text still from last year…


Working as one large team is much better than trying to divide and conquer!

Sharing our NAB updates with over 100k readers in a “live blog” – many sites and reporters working together gets more traffic for everyone!

all boats rise in a high tide!

Your readers want updates about NAB ASAP – and they’re looking all over the web, so make your site the HUB! This isn’t just about planetMitch – If we have many bloggers/filmmakers working together, there is much more in the live stream and we’ll keep the attention of the readers longer!

plus, this ‘common’ liveBlog can be embedded on any site so you can have all liveBlog readers on your site! 
Imagine over 100k readers you may not already have as a visitor coming to your site!

Give your readers what they want! More info! Live reports (not just day old news)

If you read nothing else, read this!

FYI, here's an email that says it all:

I wanted to write and say how much I appreciated your NAB coverage.

Not only are there people who can’t afford to go, but there are a lot of people who really wouldn’t get a lot out of it.  Mostly because the show floor is big and it’s hard to know what you need to hunt down.

So the coverage you guys had on was PHENOMENAL. It put the stories up in simple ways that I just kept on all day, auto refreshing. And then I could easily peruse and find things that might be interested in, look at them in my own time, and do further research.

I also shared probably 25 articles from you guys with my colleagues.  Sparking great conversations and excitement around the products and the future of Cinema, Digital Distribution, and Video in general.

Thanks. Jeffrey

imagine YOUR website in that email from one of your readers!

what can you share from the show?

  • text of what you’re seeing, cool news, favorite booth, gear, etc.
  • photos
  • video
  • embed tweets you’ve made already
  • links to your blog posts about the NAB show
  • of course you can also share the after-party photos and stuff (but no nudie shows please!)

Video Explanation and Demo:

Here's a promo video of our plans for the liveblog that I created in 2015:

So get in front of a HUGE AUDIENCE – many more than you can reach on your own!

What Sites for 2016?

This is the list from last year, I'll update with confirmed as they join.

Site Owner: join us!

send me an email and we'll get you hooked up and make sure your reporters see the Reporters section!

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