The first major Canon EOS 5D Mark III short movie on the planet.

planet5D and Deodand Entertainment are proud to present this unique short shot on the brand new Canon EOS 5D Mark III! Please share with all of your friends!

This film is a perfect example of using tools available to almost every filmmaker and showcasing the high quality of image that the new Canon 5D Mark III can produce with any filmmaker and their crew.

We have documented the production and behind the scenes of the creation of this HDSLR movie and will be presenting it in the weeks following the initial release. You'll want to bookmark this page and come back often (and we'll be posting on the blog as well) to find out all of the details on the production.

This will be the central point for all of the info on the short – so all you have to remember is

“Incident on Marmont Ave”


This film was shot entirely on the new Canon EOS 5D Mark III and had a young independent film crew. 

The intent for this project was to create one of the first narrative films showcasing the new 5D Mark III and its long-awaited features but to also do it on a lower end budget. We have seen that many of the “regular” DSLR influencers have been moving more toward the higher end cameras (C300, Epic etc.) and are shooting projects that are way outside of the budget of most independent filmmakers. While these influencers are still fantastic sources for generating high-end interest, an entire group of film and DSLR users don't have sources that are relevant to them. 

Our project is directly aimed at DSLR filmmakers who are shooting on lower budgets frequently. We designed the entire project to meet the budget, time frame and actual considerations that lower budget filmmakers have for their projects. This is a group that is deeply committed to a high quality final image but wants the lower price tag and flexibility of a DSLR. 

We will be publishing our actual shooting budget (below the line) and will be talking about the real hard costs of shooting on DSLR cameras, demonstrating equipment we used on the shoot and outlining the entire process of planning to shoot with a DSLR through post-production. At the end, we will have a concrete answer of why using a DSLR is the perfect solution and will show the results they can expect to get when shooting with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III

We believe the largest group of end users that are looking to upgrade and buy the latest cameras are the true independent filmmakers and photographers that usually have less than $10K a day for equipment rentals, crew and talent for their project. On our film, we managed to keep our below the line budget to under $5000 a day for our 2 day shoot. We feel this sort of budget will inspire others to go out and create great projects on limited budgets.  

Usually at this budget range filmmakers expect to buy the camera and rent some of the peripheral gear. The biggest gear decision that low budget filmmakers make is what camera to shoot with and what lenses to use. Often the first hard cost is the camera and the next step is lenses. This was the process we took in making this film. We were excited about the new camera and made all subsequent gear decisions based on the camera. In our equipment list you will find no Technocrane, no Steadicam Ultra 2 or any high end filmmaking tools that the average independent filmmaker cannot afford. 

Our below the line budget for this film was less than $5000 for each shooting day. Additionally we were able to attract some legitimate Hollywood talent to be in the film. Their credits range from The Artist, Mad Men, Lost, 24, Shawshank Redemption, Sin City, Scrubs and more.

Some of the Team:


William Mapother

Jude Ciccolella

Sonal Shah

Adria Tennor

Greg Hain

  • William Mapother (IMDB) – you may know him as “Ethan” from the award winning “Lost
  • Jude Ciccolella (IMDB) plays “Charlie” – you may know him as “Mike Novick” from the TV show “24
  • The female lead (“Becca”) is played by Sonal Shah (IMDB, Scrubs Reel) who is famous for being on the TV show “Scrubs”
  • Adria Tennor (IMDB) plays the mother and is from the “Best Picture” Oscar winner in 2012 “The Artist
  • Greg Hain (IMDB) plays the father – you may have seen him in Barry's short “With No Hands”
  • Michael Patrick McCaffrey (IMDB) was also seen in “With No Hands”
  • Hayden Croteau – new on the scene and based on her performance on set, she's going to take over Hollywood


  • Barry Andersson (IMDB) – Director/Producer
  • Janie L. Geyen – Writer/Producer
  • Mitch Aunger – Producer
  • Julien Lasseur (IMDB) – Director of Photography
  • Heidi Levitt, CSA – Casting
  • David Lowe – casting associate
  • Derek Edwards – 1st AC
  • Kevin Anderson – 2nd AC/B camera
  • Dustin Gridley – Camera PA
  • Daniel Watson – Grip
  • Jamie Thalman – Gaffer
  • David Svenson – Steadicam operator
  • Tammy Hollingsworth – Production Coordinator
  • Jamie Richmond – Makeup
  • John Nye – original music
  • Luke Harper – postproduction sound
  • James Barek – Sound Mixer
  • James Ridgley – Sound Mixer
  • Lucien Eagle-Jack – Boom Operator
  • Carrie Vines – Set Decorator/Photograper
  • Jerome Joves – PA
  • Marc Barnes – PA
  • Monica Thies – PA
  • Liam Johnson – Editor
  • Chris Fenwick – Editor
  • Steve Navrat – Editor
  • Paul Koblik – Editor
  • Andrew Cohen – Media Manager/Editor
  • Slice Editorial – Titles
  • Light Iron – Digital Intermediate
  • Nick Sage – DI Colorist
  • Paul Geffre – DI Producer
  • Sheryl Sheehan – Seamstress
  • Cindy Bush – Seamstress
  • Lee Varis – Production Stills

Incident on Marmont Avenue

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