Welcome to planet5D HDSLR Chat Room!

Open 24hrs but chat every Tuesday night @ 8pm ET / 7 CT / 5 PT (00:00 GMT)

For those of you needing a little help converting to or from GMT for your time zone, use this GMT conversion site to help

Chat instructions!

Use your name: you can switch from mbit-xxxx to your own name by typing: “/nick newname” (without the quotes)

But! You have to pick a unique name (if someone has registered the nickname you pick, the system will give you a message that it is registered and gives you 1 minute to pick a new name – in that case, pick a different nickname “/nick differentNick“)

IRC Client Setup

Point your IRC Client to “irc.mibbit.net” and join the chat room#planet5D” (you'll use the command /join #planet5D )

I set mine to auto connect – so every time I launch my IRC client (and on the mac, I'm using Colloquy – on windows try mIRC), I'm automatically in the room.

Common IRC commands

/me sometext will post text that is is in third person – like this “* planetMitch thinks this is fun”

/ignore joeSmith will hide anything the user ‘joeSmith' says from your view. (In the mibbit chat on this page, you can right click on the user's name and do ignore as well)

/msg joeSmith this will start a private chat with this individual – text put in this tab won't be seen in the main room – but make sure you know which tab you're on to save embarrassment! :)

you can find more IRC commands on this page – but note: some IRC commands may not be valid in the mibbit client above – I haven't tested them all.

If you do get an IRC client – I suggest your register your nickname and set your IRC client up to automatically log you in when you connect. Each client is different so I can't give you perfect instructions. But you register on the IRC server with this command /msg nickserv register password email

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