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Yea, I miss things.

I don't know how Jem Schofield has gotten away with not telling me about their podcast tho…

Haven't made time to watch the whole episode, but these guys are fun and smart!

Jem Scofield from theC47, Caleb Pike from DSLR Video Shooter, and Ben Barden  (see full details below)

Camera & Flask – Q&A

Send in your production/business questions to us at We grab a drink & answer as many as we can during the show. Wednesday at 3PM PST, 6PM Eastern, 11PM GMT. Need more C&F? Watch old episodes here:…


Jem Schofield

Jem is a producer, DP, educator and the founder of theC47 (a full service production company that focuses on video production, filmmaking, consulting & education). He spends his time producing content, educating others and otherwise being almost borderline obsessed with cameras and lighting.

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Caleb Pike

Caleb is the founder of DSLR Video Shooter where he creates tutorials and reviews for filmmakers and YouTubers. Before going full time on Youtube, Caleb was a camera operator in Chicago shooting corporate video and documentary work.

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Ben Barden

Ben is a professional commercial photographer, award-winning filmmaker, teacher and location manager/scout. Specializing in tourism, food and drink, rope access, aerial, offshore, lifestyle, interiors, landscape, travel and architecture.

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