What Are YOU Doing?

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I subscribe to several newsletters that I try to read every time they hit my inbox.

This morning, in the EntrepreneurHQ newsletter, there was this quote:

The famous slow motion running in the TV show Baywatch was used because the show didn’t have enough money to shoot whole episodes so to fill the hour they started filming the actors running in slow motion.” Find creative ways to save money!

And that inspired me… not to save money, but to think about how creativity and invention can change my (and your) fortune.

Did the slowmo in Baywatch make the show, or was it something else?

(side note… interesting Baywatch thread on Reddit – one person says the quote was only true of the pilot)

There's a good case to be made that for most adults, watching slim, sleek, sexy people running in small suits and in slow motion grabs their attention and holds it. True for both sexes too.

So, was it really an accident? Something to fill time or a brilliant way to get viewers to pay attention to the (mostly) lame plots week after week?

And as my friend Tom taught me… “How does this apply to me?”

If you're in film or photo, what are you doing to stand out?

What can you think of to make yourself unique?

If you're in business (even film and photo folks), what is making you stand out from the crowd and allowing you to charge more?

Think about the StillMotion team (led by Patrick Moreau). He knew nothing about photography and within 3-4 years was one of the top wedding photographers. He found a way to stand out. He's gone on to insane heights too since then shooting films and changing the way we watch NFL and sports.

It all stems from finding something you can do that very few others are doing.

And that's where planet5D made it into existence as well! Nobody else was covering the development of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II like I did.

And by the way, I was working a full time ‘day job' at the time… so don't think you can't do that too!

And, that's what I'm working on for my second day job (giveawayRocket), helping businesses grow their bottom line by finding them highly targeted leads.

So shoot for the moon and start today!

p.s. did you know planet5D is now over 10 years old? WOW!

p.p.s. did you read the EntrepreneurHQ article? How'd I do on the 3-4 word title? Did it get you to read this? Should I have used “Bouncing Boobs in Slowmo” instead?

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