Epic Rolling Shutter Takedown

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I love this guy… I've always thought that people worried too much about rolling shutter, but Carlos Quintero really takes down the whole argument (at least I think so LOL)…

For me, it all comes back to story… all of this bitching and moaning about finding the perfect camera that has zero “defects” is just malarky.

Tell a great story and nobody cares if there's a bit of rolling shutter etc.

Do you really think that rolling shutter ruins your video? If so, stop doing whip pans!

Video description:

Rolling Shutter on the Canon EOS R ruined my project!

Let's get real for a second, when was the last time that your project asked you to violently pan the camera from one side to another?

For me that would be a total of ZERO Times over a 16 year career at this point…so judge for yourself.

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