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Dynamic Range on an iPhone Is Now Better Than a DSLR?

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Is Dynamic Range the most important thing?

Tyler Stalman thinks so 🙂

And I know lots of people would agree. I'm not one of them. I believe there are plenty of things that are more critical than dynamic range, but let's agree to disagree (ok, what's my most important? Story and composition (ok, that's 2 things LOL)).

But Tyler does make a great point here.

There are plenty of people who are spending a lot of time shooting images with their smartphones and they're looking freaking fantastic.

I was at a 5 day seminar last week (ask me if you want to know more)… and the entire video was recorded by two guys hand holding 2 android smartphones! But that too is another topic.

And while I was there, I compared my iPhone 6+ to what other people were getting with their smartphones, and the images I was getting were horrible compared to them. Time for an upgrade!

But I did notice the most significant thing that was better about their images, was the dynamic range. The newer phones were seeing much more light than mine.

I will still prefer to use my Canon EOS 5D Mark IV for most of my shooting, but Tyler makes some great points here about how the computational imaging on the smartphones is beating the DSLR vendors and I don't see the camera makers catching up any time soon!

Smart HDR in the iPhone XS and XR is doing crazy things with dynamic range

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