Crazy Must See Drone Flight! In, Around, Over, Under a TRAIN!

by planetMitch4 Comments

With all the crazyiness in the world, this seems to be just the thing to go with it… this guy does some crazy drone flying around a moving train – including over, under, around, thru, and even inside an empty car. The funny thing is when the pilot hovers near the window of the train conductor!

The gentleman flying this drone sure knows what he's doing. I wonder if he's doing drone racing? He sure has the skills for it.

And no, this really has nothing to do with filmmaking or photography or really gear (tho he does list all the gear in the description below) so I apologize, but when I saw this earlier this morning I just had to share.

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I recognize that this isn't the most “flowy” video or anything, but all of the things I got to try out were all in the same flight, so I wanted to show that off.


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planetMitch note: This was originally published in 2017, but I thought it was cool and brought it forward in case people missed it. 

(cover photo credit: Snap from video)


  1. While this is admittedly a great piece of video and demonstrates superior flying skills, most of the negative comments (on the YouTube channel) regarding endangerment and “regulation bait” are spot on.

    Bragging rights aside, this is sadly the thing that engenders more and more restrictive legislation. The hoops I now need to jump through to simply use my drone as a sort of free-floating camera crane, from zero to twenty or so feet above the ground, have become a continuing nightmare of paperwork, permits, waivers, etc.

    I’m an airplane pilot, too. Could I fly my plane barely above the streets and between buildings in New York City (or any large city)? Sure. Could I show what a cool and capable pilot I am? Sure. Would I ever? No. Just because someone CAN do something doesn’t mean he SHOULD.

    It all (this one included) becomes an unnecessary ego trip at everyone else’s expense.

  2. Really a bad way to waste a talent. And it is such recklessness that gets the community of aerial filmmakers trouble with more regulations.

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