Canon Adding 5 Axis IBIS?

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Canonrumors has recently posted several very interesting patents and rumors… the first being that 5 Axis IBIS is coming to Canon cameras.

One of the biggest features missing from the first Canon EOS R for a lot of people is in-body image stabilization. Canon has always been a company that has said in-lens stabilization is their preferred way of doing things, as they have made claims that it’s better than sensor based stabilization.

We’re being told by a pretty good source that Canon will introduce 5 axis IBIS (in-body image stabilization) in the next EOS R series camera.

Heck, I've sworn several times that they'd never add IBIS because they constantly told me that their in-lens stabilization was the way to go.

Even as recently as October of last year (hard to believe it is 2019 really) DigitalCameraWorld reported…

“We feel that in-lens IS is the optimum system for image stabilisation,” explained Canon UK’s product intelligence consultant, David Parry.

But maybe the competition and consumer demand has finally changed the landscape for them.

That's true for most companies tho… they say they're for one thing right up to the day they announce the new thing they've been saying they wouldn't do LOL.

Are you excited by the possibility of IBIS in the next Canon EOS R? I sure wouldn't turn it down! Heck my hands aren't as stable as they once were. Damn I hate getting older!

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