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The Fran 8K Global Shutter Video Camera Coming Soon to Your Toolbox

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Cinemartin has announced their new Fran 8K video camera will be available shortly.

Sporting 8k resolution and a global shutter, they're looking to turn the video camera market on its head with high quality at a low price!

They're adding some great features too:

  • Global Shutter
  • up to 15.5 stops of dynamic range
  • Dual ISO (coming as upgrade in 2019) for HDR video
  • Fran sensor is bigger than VistaVision
  • 4:3 sensor
  • Custom resolution from 720×480 up to 7920×6024
  • Different mount options (EF, PL (2019)) on some models
  • Intro pricing starts at 7920€

I downloaded the samples and had a bit of difficulty playing them in quicktime on my 4 year old iMac. Importing to Final Cut Pro X was much better.

Make sure to watch the introduction video.

Cinemartin has been producing some very interesting and high quality products in the last few years.

Press Release:
Fran 8K camera now comes in three models, ready to order, pricing starts at 7920€:8K global shutter Fran pricing revealed, starts at 8K with 3 models now available to order:Fran camera, comes in three model, now available to order, pricing starts at 8K

Fran 8K camera is now available in three models, Fran LT, Fran (STD) and Fran Plus, all models recording at 8K.

Cinemartin, the team who developed the first Prores & H.265 Encoder for Windows back in 2012, the first 7inch true full HD monitor at 2 digit price (99€), a NVIDIA Realtime HEVC Plugin encoder as well as Plugins for Major NLE editor and Post Effect applications, now, again, is push enough to flip the market, wth the inmediate release of the most acclaimed 8K Global Shutter camera, Fran 8K, now available in 3 models, starting at a price of 7.920 €.

Fran 8K

A Large Format, Global Shutter, 8K, RAW camera, recording onto removable m.2 NVME SSD drives

No matter if you drive a Ferrari, travel in a taxi Mercedes Benz, enjoy a motorbike, or go walking, now you can afford a true 8K workflow, in all steps, from the camera, to TV. Check on the specs of Fran 8K cameras, to see which model fits in your needs.

Maximum resolution 8K 24 MP 8K 32 MP 8K 47.7 MP
7920 * 3024 7920 * 4096 7920 * 6024
Framerates 8K 24p
6K 30p
4K 48p
2K 96p
8K 30p
6K 48p
4K 96p
2K 120p
8K 30p
6K 48p
4K 96p
2K 120p
Global Shutter YES YES YES
Large Format YES YES YES
Removable Lens Mount NO YES YES
PL Mount NO 2019 2019
Uncompressed RAW NO YES YES
Compressed RAW YES YES YES
Output frame formats
Post Soft Output Prores
Prores, Cineform
Prores, Cineform
Thunderbolt 3 port NO YES YES
Stabilization NO YES YES
Programmable NO NO YES
Modulable NO YES YES
Chasis Aluminum Alu & Fiber Fiber Carbon
Fran LT Fran (STD) Fran PLUS
RETAIL PRICE 11.995€ 17.790€ 25.670€
INTRO PRICE 7.920€ 14.995€ 19.995€
RESERVE 10% 10% 10%
AVAILABILITY 3 – 4 M. 1 – 2 M. 2 – 3 M.

All models share same chassis, and power consumption.

Fran does not heavily use compression. Any computer from this decade, with a decent GPU, works in order to process and display the 8K generated frames. All models comes with a debayer software, that gives sequence frames ready to import on major NLE.

Introductory video (watch on youtube here or click image below) (download in prores here):

Introduction & Sample footage video

Download sample footage from:

8K 50 MP 4:3 – Birds (download in prores)
8K 24 MP 2.6:1 Ferrari Girlfriends 1(download in prores)
8K 24 MP 2.6:1 Ferrari Girlfriends 2(download in prores)
8K 24 MP 2.6:1 Night shoot 1(download in prores)
8K 24 MP 2.6:1 Introduction(download in prores)

recording session with Fran 8KMeet three Ferraris representing 3 models of Franrecording session with David Ellison

Photo credits to Guillemo Castelloví

Cinemartin will start shipping as well the new line of Ultra High Brightness 2500 NIT 7″ HDMI + SDI monitors by the end of November

More information
Katherine Hyper Ultra Bright Monitors

planetMitch note: planet5D received some compensation for this post.

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