Japan’s Rovers, iPad Photography, Lighting of The Nun Film and More – planetOids – 2018-10-02

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Here are a few things we’ve found around the web that are cool. (Curated by Matthew Carew)

Who wants to see some photos that are OUT OF THIS WORLD?! (pun intended). Check out these photos from Japan's rovers!

  • Asteroid Photography From Japan’s 2 Rovers Are Out Of This World (Huffington Post

Who wants some free courses from Apple? These courses teach you how to do some video, photography, music, and more skills for the iPad.

  • Apple releases Everyone Can Create free course on Apple Books, covering iPad photography, music, drawing and video (9to5Mac)

Here are 5 ways that technology has changed and shaped cinematography as we know it!

Learn about the lighting and processes that filmmakers used on ‘The Nun’.

  • ‘A film like ‘The Nun’ requires inverting the lighting process,’ says DoP Maxime Alexandre (The Hindu

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(cover photo credit: The Nun film via The Hindu)

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