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To take a photograph is to take a moment and store it as a memory that will last forever. This article opens up a unique perspective to photography as more than an art, but more of a way to keep memories.

  • Through the Lens: A journey through the History of Photography (Brunswickan)

Film photography was considered to be irrelevant quite a few years ago. But much like records and 80s fashion, it is making a comeback in 2018. This article talks about the increasing demand for darkrooms and the reincarnation of film photography.

  • As millennials take up film photography, darkrooms see a bright future again (Globe and Mail)

I covered a similar story a few months back, but I thought this one just HAD to be mentioned! Check out the size of this camera!

  • Watch these photographers show off a handmade, ultra large-format camera (CBC)

2018: The year when an entire movie can be shot on a camera that can fit in your palm. This entire film was shot on smartphones, tablets, and GoPros. This article talks about the challenges the filmmakers ran into when using such small and unusual devices.

  • Exclusive Interview: Cinematographer Juan Sebastian Baron Talks ‘Searching’, Unconventional Cameras and Filmmaking (TheThings.com)

Cinematographer Matthew Libatique talks about his job in helping shoot a love story: a first for him, as well as Bradley Cooper.

  • “A Star Is Born’: Shooting Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga Singing and Falling in Love (Indie Wire)

(cover photo credit: Melissa Tait Via Globe and Mail)

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