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If you’ve ever watched the Netflix crime drama, Ozark, you would know that the cinematography is outstanding and does a crucial part in telling the story. This article talks about Ben Kutchen’s job as the cinematographer for this show and his process.

  • ‘Ozark’ Cinematographer Ben Kutchins Wades Into Highly Cinematic, Extremely Dark Realism With Netflix Crime Drama (Deadline)

This article discusses the different factors and choices that go into choosing artificial light for food photography.

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Artificial Light for Food Photography (Fstoppers)

This article talks about some of the new features that the iPhone Xs’s camera has. Some of these features include better HDR, Bokeh control, and more. They are all exciting, but are they worth the upgrade? Comment below!

  • Everything to Know About the iPhone Xs’s New Camera Features (Time)

From a seagull swooping over a beautiful landscape to what appears to be a spirit bear eating its prey, this article displays some photos that will undoubtedly take your breath away.

  • Air, Land & Sea: the 50 greatest wildlife photographs – in pictures (The Guardian)

Polish cinematographer, Witold Sobociński has made several films, including films with Roman Polanski, Andrzej Wajada, and Piotr Szulkin. He will be the recipient of the Camerimage Lifetime Achievement Award. This article talks about his history and some of his work.

  • Cinematographer Witold Sobociński to Receive Camerimage Lifetime Achievement Award (Variety)

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(cover photo credit: screen grab from the video by The Bite Shot)

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