The “Masters” of Open Up About Why They Do What They Do

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The video collaboration platform has released a new series entitled “Masters” in which they invite renowned filmmakers and “masters” to answer the question Why do you do what you do?

The first episode features filmmaker Mark Toia and his response to this broad, existential question. Visually backed with stunning imagery from his vast career, he poetically addresses the inquiry by pulling from his inspiration and career behind the camera. Masters: Episode 1 Mark Toia ART DOESN'T PAY


Capturing breathtaking imagery from around the world is Mark Toia's calling card. Small-town steel worker turned successful photographer, turned director, Mark has reinvented himself again and again. His award-winning cinematography skills and vast post-production experience make him a true Master. Now based in Australia, Mark uses to connect team-members and clients from across the globe on his video projects.

Mark speaks pointedly about a teacher in school whoonce told him “Art doesn’t pay.” He’s held onto that moment through his career as fuel to continue climbing, which he’s done by building an immensely successful career traveling the globe and shooting what seems to be some of absolutely everything.

Showcasing these artists and their incredible work seems to be more of an inspirational effort than a marketing promotion. The message appears to be about remembering individual inspiration and creative roots.

Emery Wells, CEO, comments: “These are personal stories, presenting the art and spirit of the filmmaker, as well as a manifestation of what is all about: empowering creatives to do their best work.”

Each short film is accompanied by a brief bio on the artist, location, and their current toolkit – which of course includes Follow future episodes in the series on Facebook or Twitter!

Art Doesn’t Pay: New Series Reveals Filmmakers’ Real Motivations

Via Variety:

“Get a real job!”

Is that a cruel message to give an aspiring artist? Or is it just realistic?

Award-winning commercial DP/director/editor Mark Toia answers that question in the first episode of the new Masters Series.’s creative brief for Mark was a single sentence: “Why do you do what you do?”

Mark’s answer, spoken in his own words over breathtaking imagery from his 3-decade-long career, touches on the reasons why many of us got into filmmaking in the first place.

Which is exactly what Masters was designed to do: inspire creatives to rediscover their roots or find their unique voice in a crowded and noisy world.

The short film series, produced by the video collaboration leader, gives a platform to some of the top creatives in our industry.

Read full article at Variety “Art Doesn’t Pay: New Series Reveals Filmmakers’ Real Motivations”

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