planetOids – 2018-08-1 – Photography Chaos, Best Lenses for Food photography, Switching from Nikon to Sony and More

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Here are a few things we've found around the web that are cool. (Curated by Matthew Carew.)

This sunflower farm has been forced to close early due to major traffic jams caused by people trying to get pictures of the sunflowers!

Photography chaos forces Ontario sunflower farm to close early (DailyHive)

This article by Adorama talks about some of the best lenses for food photography!

Ever thought about switching to Sony? This article talks about switching from Nikon to Sony.

  • A Guide to Switching from Nikon to Sony for Wedding Photography (PetaPixel)

Best Buy is setting up a photography course! This article talks about it more!

  • Best Buy Launches Photography Workshops (Fstoppers)

This story is very cool! It shows the story telling power that a photograph has!

  • Forgotten No More, Or: This is Why Photography Matters (PetaPixel)

Here are some tips from RØDE for Post-Production

Sound makes a great film. Check out how they recorded foley for “Bugged”, RØDE's Short Film Entry into My RØDE Reel, and all the behind-the-scenes content.

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(cover photo credit: snap from @lovebtntheracks/Instagram via DailyHive)

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