NEW! Lensbaby Sol 45 and Sol 22: Easy As Tilt. Focus. Shoot.

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Everyone is always looking for new lenses – especially ones that give special looks.

We've featured several planet5D articles on Lensbaby lenses in the past and even interviewed the owner once way back when I was doing regular podcasts.

And way back when Barry Andersson and I created one of the first shorts shot on the Canon EOS 5D Mark III called “Incident on Marmont Avenue” we used a LensBaby for the intro titles.

Lensbaby Just Announced!

Sol 45 & Sol 22 f/3.5 Selective Focus Lens | $199.95
Featuring 8.5º of tilt & 2 Bokeh Blades for Full Frame or APS-C Sensor Cameras

ALC: Hands-On Review: Testing the New Lensbaby Sol 45 Lens

Via Adorama:

Learning to work with or around each lens’s unique characteristics can be a challenge, but it’s the reason why I enjoy testing new camera lenses and I feel that this helps me grow as a photographer. With my own selfish little goal of expanding my photographic knowledge, I agreed to give Lensbaby’s new Sol 45 ($199.95) a spin on a recent trip to the Adirondack Mountains.

I have used a few other Lensbaby products in the past and was quite fond of some of them (especially the Composer Pro II, and I’ve also reviewed the Sweet 50, Edge 50 and Twist 60, and the Velvet 56 and 85). My initial out-of-the-box impression was the the Sol 45 is very similar to other Lensbaby products: it’s small, solid, lightweight and the metal and composite construction gives the lens a smooth and firm feel during use. Read More.

Lensbaby University | Sol Photography Tutorial

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(cover photo credit: snap from Adorama)

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