Introducing the All-New RØDE SC6-L Mobile Interview Kit

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This is a big wow for me.

When I do my own video recording (say a product review or something), I've either been using the RØDE smartLav or the RØDE Videomic ME – both attach easily to my iPhone!

So this is a great addition to the toolkit!

Attn: Journalists and Podcasters
Introducing the All-New RØDE SC6-L Mobile Interview Kit
It's an iOS POcket Podcast Studio!

Via RØDE Microphones:

August 2nd, 2018 Australian pro audio giant RØDE Microphones launches the brand new SC6-L Mobile Interview Kit, the latest Lightning connected recording solution for Apple iOS Devices.

The SC6-L is a compact duo-3.5mm TRRS-to-Lightning Mobile Interface that enables broadcast-quality audio recording with two RØDE smartLav+ microphones; a compact solution for on-the-go interviews and podcasts, both for audio only and filmed scenarios. It’s a pro-quality pocket podcast studio!

Thanks to the 3.5mm headphone jack, you can both monitor in real time and listen to playback. Download the free RØDE Reporter App to adjust input and monitor levels, along with a suite of other settings to reduce work in post – you can even share it immediately. The Mobile Interview Kit will also work with other iOS recording software. Simply plug-set-&-record.

The SC6-L Mobile Interview Kit comes packaged with the new SC6-L Interface, 2 x Clips, 2 x Windshields, 1 x Storage Pouch, and 2 x smartLav+ Microphones – RØDE's professional-grade lavaliers. These discreet and portable miniature mics are made with omnidirectional condenser capsules and Kevlar® reinforced cables – the ideal choice for a wide range of film, TV, podcast and broadcast applications.

“We're thrilled to announce the launch of RØDE's new additions to iOS audio capture,” comments Damien Wilson, CEO of RØDE Microphones. “Following on from the VideoMic Me-L, the SC6-L Mobile Interview Kit is perfect for both media pros and emerging content creators, providing broadcast-ready audio on Apple devices at a stellar price. These products further cement our position as the choice for Today’s Creative Generation™.”

The SC6-L Mobile Interface and smartLav+ microphones are also available for purchase separately.

About RØDE Microphones:

RØDE Microphones ( designs and manufactures high-quality microphones and related accessories for studio, live and location use. Its products are designed and primarily manufactured in Sydney, Australia and exported to over 116 countries globally. It is part of The Freedman Group, with APHEX, Event and SoundField.

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(cover photo credit: snap from RØDE Microphones)

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