Nikon Soon to Announce Launch into the Full Frame Mirrorless Market

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Making sure Sony [Note: Sony Alpha a7 III with Special Price Available at Adorama] doesn’t get all the excitement and publicity around the full frame mirrorless camera movement, Nikon’s European team released a teaser video for their coming addition to the market.

The theme of the video can surely be interpreted as “color without light,” subtly hinting at an emphasis on low-light capabilities.

You can watch the video here:

Travel of Light

What we think we know about the imminent release of the Nikon full frame mirrorless line is that two cameras will be announced, a 25MP camera and a 45MP camera. The 45MP version is rumored to be priced around $4,000 and the 25MP version just under $3,000.

The announcement will likely be around the end of July and could come with three lenses released as well. These will be the24-70mm, 35mm, and 50mm all on a new mirrorless mount that should allow for f/0.95 lenses too.

Rivaling the Sony Alpha with 5 axis in-body stabilization and 9fps continuous shooting, the Nikon should be similar in body size to the Sony, but with a better grip and ergonomics.

This could be the biggest Nikon marketing campaign of all time, with rumored celebrity endorsement and exotic blogger meet-ups, but will you fall for all the mirrorless hype?

And here we got the first teaser images of the new Nikon Full Frame mirrorless camera…

Via Sony Alpha Rumors:

At last Sony will get a serious competition from Nikon. These images do show the silhouette of the new Nikon Full Frame mirrorless system camera that will be announced in mid August. The camera has the EVF in the middle and a huge mount. I am sure it will not have that “tron” light when it’s out… LOL 🙂

As Nikon had plenty of time to develop this camera I expect the features to be on par with the Sony series. Also Nikon’s focus in that teaser seems to be on the low light capability of the system. Probably super fast glas will be announced along this camera.

Read this article at Sony Alpha Rumors “And here we got the first teaser images of the new Nikon Full Frame mirrorless camera…”

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(cover photo credit: snap from Sony Alpha Rumors)

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