TSA Battery Restrictions – Flying with Lithium Ion

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The last time I hopped on  a plane, I wondered about my batteries.

Sadly, I'm not even sure why I thought about it… I mean with all the worries we already have in the US with how much liquids you have, taking off your shoes and belt and practically everything else (let's not have strip downs ok?), why do we also have to think about our batteries?

Well, here's a good report on what you need to think about!

TSA Battery Restrictions – Flying with Lithium Ion

Via The Slanted Lens:

Congratulations! You just got hired to travel for your photography/video services! The question now becomes: how do you get your batteries on the airplane? Does TSA have anything to say about it?

Flying with AAA and AA Batteries
These batteries have no restrictions on them. Fly with as many as you want! Try to keep them in their original packaging so TSA won’t give you a problem. If you have them in a bag, TSA is afraid the batteries will short-out and cause an explosion.

In each lithium-ion battery, there are two compartments that are separated by a thin piece of plastic. Now, if the two sides meet, that is what causes an explosion. But, like we’ve said previously, this is very unlikely to happen.

Batteries that are In Components

Most of your electronic devices have lithium-ion batteries in them. This includes your smartphones, laptops, tablets, cameras, and strobe heads.

All of these meet TSA requirements and can be carried on because all of these batteries are under 100 watts.

Because of this, most all of your batteries for your cameras and equipment will be able to be checked in, carried on, any way you want.

Read full article at The Slanted Lens “TSA Battery Restrictions – Flying with Lithium Ion”

Check out Adorama for a list of batteries for your gear.

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