Japan for the first time ever has shipped more Mirrorless than DSLRs! That’s HUGE… right?

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So… everyone keeps telling me that mirrorless is the way forward… so what does the market really say?

This market analysis from Canon News is fascinating!

“Japan for the first time ever has shipped more Mirrorless than DSLR’s” says Canon News. Which sounds like mirrorless is taking over right? BUT…

There's a big but…

When you look in detail in the charts, you realize that it is NOT that ILCs are taking over, but simply that DSLRs are being bought less. There's NO movement in the number of mirrorless cameras being shipped. It isn't that there are floods of people buying mirrorless – the sales are pretty flat year after year there.

It gets really interesting when you look at the regional data too (you'll have to see that on their site) because the region buying the most mirrorless cameras is, you guessed it, Asia.

All of this rings so true to me because I keep hearing that “Canon (or Nikon) isn't listening to the market – they aren't advancing, they're stuck in their old ways!” But geez people, Canon knows a hell of a lot more about the markets and what the market wants than you or I!

CIPA March 2018 – A new hope for ILCs

Via Canon News:

With the third month of the year reported in today, we start to see signs of an overall stabilization in the shipments for ILC’s.

With the Kumamoto earthquake finally in the past, we see that the shipments overall for this month is almost that of the year past and maintain a little consistency from month to month at around 95% of last year’s March shipments. Japan for the first time ever has shipped more Mirrorless than DSLR’s which is an interesting notable that will have to be watched in the coming months ahead.

CIPA March 2018

DSLR’s continue to ship less, thereby raising the mirrorless market share. This month instead of looking at percentages, we’re going to look at units, where it shows a far more startling trend for DSLR’s over the last 4 or so years than it does if you looked at percentages of market.

From this graph here, we can see that the clear majority of unit loss on an annual basis has been the loss of shipments of DSLR’s.

CIPA March 2018

There are several contributing factors to this that you must consider while looking at this chart.

DSLR product releases because of product maturity are longer.
Sony got out of the DSLR game around the end of 2014 in a big way.
If we look at the DSLR shipments “post Sony” from 2014, while we see a level of decline, it is certainly nothing like the decline from 2013 to 2014. This is one of the reasons looking at 2012 to current trends for DSLR’s is difficult by the pure numbers. What I find interesting is the regional breakdowns of mirrorless and DSLR’s by raw units.

You MUST read full article at Canon News “CIPA March 2018 – A new hope for ILC's”

Source: CanonRumors

(cover photo credit: snap from Canon News)


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